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synonym in a sentence

61. A synonym is Indo-Germanic (Idg.

62. A synonym is Indo-Germanic (Idg.

63. Synonym press-to-type operation.

64. Tempest is a synonym for a storm.

65. It may be a synonym of Cytisus.

66. is a synonym of Schlumbergera.

67. "spew" is synonym for "vomit").

68. The term previtamin is a synonym.

69. as a modified synonym to nigga.

70. this is regarded as a synonym.

71. Sundown is a synonym for sunset.

72. as a synonym of D. polystachya.

73. Hellenic is a synonym for Greek.

74. Synonym: Chemoprevention study.

75. Pirula is regarded as a synonym.

76. Johnson-sea-linkia is a synonym.

77. It is a synonym for "life form".

78. The synonym E. nutans Ruiz &

79. [synonym for Zygaena minos ssp.

80. Jolly is a synonym for "Happy".

81. as a synonym of Salvia pallida.

82. fumosus is considered a synonym.

83. is not a synonym of M. coccinea.

84. Its synonym is Notropis amnis.

85. Another synonym is "riff-raff".

86. A synonym is Kalidiopsis Aellen.

87. It has one taxonomic synonym.

88. Homostelea is a junior synonym.

89. drug") is a less common synonym.

90. Its synonym is Asperula calabra.