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1 Examples of additional query options are Settings such as whether to return spelling Suggestions or to include synonym expansions in the query results.
2 A synonym ring adds another dimension to the list, allowing navigation from one term to another closely related term.
3 As soon as I began looking into the etymology of stutter I bumped up against its synonym stammer.
4 Organizing information by list, synonym, facet, and thesaurus are four common ways that have proven to be effective.
5 Gloss: a brief definition for a synonym set.
6 Xie Jin's name itself has been a synonym for realism in Chinese films in the past several decades.
7 term iteration is often erroneously used as a synonym for increment.
8 For ease of use, we define a keyword synonym that displays the customer name, but stores only the number.
9 And today sees his name used as a sneering synonym for the N-word-without-attitude toadying to whitey, and Mrs Stowe derided as that worst sort of white, the liberal sort.
10 Within the carp module, the four main functions are carp , which is a synonym for a warning message, and croak , which is like die and also terminates the script.
11 Let's start with a basic plug-in that exposes an extension point for registering new string mappings for a synonym service.
12 Each of these rows will start with a different synonym.
13 basic extension contains very simple elements: one word and, of course, a new synonym.
14 Everyone wants to be on the side of equality or, to use a synonym, parity.
15 In XML documents you need to refer to people, places, and things with inter-relationships ranging from general to more specific, part and kind, and synonym and antonym.
16 To make the new annotations available with keyword search, the synonym dictionary for this collection must be extended.
17 The problem is that the “European social model” has become, too often, a synonym for a very expensive way of doing things.
18 is the synonym of water.
19 This restricts the size of each synonym to this maximum size.
20 Pointer: a relationship between synonym sets.
21 Cancer is just a synonym for a large number of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell growth.
22 The semantic synonym expansion mechanism is limited to expand simple keyword queries.
23 And you should allow for a free-ranging investigation of common terms, such as that provided by a synonym ring.
24 There are no green field projects in the real-world as legacy applications (legacy application is a synonym for existing applications) always have to be taken into account.
25 Once the synonym file is extended, a binary dictionary needs to be built from it.
26 Each synonym can be as long as is desired.
27 However, you can define the terms in a synonym dictionary and apply the synonym dictionary to the text index.
28 This service allows others to register a word and map it to another word (a synonym).
29 Faith assumes that one turns away from his sin and submits to Jesus Christ as the ruler of every aspect of his life, calling Jesus "Lord," a synonym in that context for God (see Romans 10:9-10).
30 Abbreviations must be added to a synonym dictionary to be mapped to the full term for index and query processing.