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syndicates in a sentence

1. Estrada arrested criminal warlords and kidnapping syndicates.

2. In media, syndicates are organizations by name and credit.

3. Syndicates do not exist on all equity crowdfunding platforms.

4. he underwrote on numerous syndicates.

5. Syndicates include UPETCA and SNTMVCI.

6. In Accra, syndicates include GPRTU and PROTOA.

7. Shacknews syndicates its content to GameFly and Steam.

8. Many syndicates were organized to deal in Kansas real estate.

9. The station syndicates Bauer's Hits Radio playlist.

10. Nova syndicates a number of programmes across its network.

11. and the sport if the "sport" of syndicates.

12. The injunction obtained by Hiscox Syndicates &

13. In Henderson v Merrett Syndicates Ltd.

14. City buildings are regularly hijacked by syndicates.

15. It also syndicates a weekly radio program of the same name.

16. The company syndicates talk, music, and sports programming.

17. The Group also syndicates/co-invests.

18. It also syndicates shows.

19. The station also syndicates NPR programming.

20. The school is divided into 4 syndicates.

21. The backers were usually syndicates of gambling men.

22. Big Country syndicates numerous shows.

23. Beazley manages six Lloyd's syndicates.

24. JSDS founded many syndicates and workers' cooperatives.

25. She wants to find out the syndicates.

26. This is a list of comic strip syndicates.

27. In the 1930s syndicates like Black Watch mined the creek.

28. She has also helped criminal syndicates.

29. Farmers syndicates were legalized and promoted.

30. crime syndicates growing bigger every year.