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symbolic recognition in a sentence

1. This bill gave them symbolic recognition as official languages, though they have not been adopted for official use within the government.

2. ... You're walking around with this big heavy symbolic recognition of the work you've done."

3. Anderson performed at the White House three years prior in 1936, making her the first African-American performer to do so. Women received symbolic recognition under the New Deal (1933–43) but there was no effort to deal with their special needs.

4. A treaty could provide at least symbolic recognition of prior occupation of the land, and thus Indigenous sovereignty.

5. These state visits were a symbolic recognition of the prestige Romania had gained after World War I. Whilst visiting Geneva, Marie and Ferdinand became the first royals to enter the newly established headquarters of the League of Nations.

6. It is seeking monetary compensation and symbolic recognition of its claim.

7. this can serve as a symbolic recognition of the hero's inner worth.

8. Symbolic recognition does not guarantee an improvement in the lives of signed-language users, and it has been argued that signed languages should be supported not merely as an accommodation for the disabled, but as a communication medium in language communities.

9. The recognition entails: According to the Décret relatif à la reconnaissance de la langue des signes (Decree on the Recognition of Sign Language), "It concerns a symbolic recognition that goes hand-in-hand with a general measure, permitting every minister to take action in fields relative to his authority."

10. As a symbolic recognition of the Montechiarugolo clash, and for the aforementioned event related to the tree of liberty, Napoleon suggested to the deputies of the Cispadan cities (Reggio, Modena, Bologna and Ferrara) to gather their first congress - which should have taken place on 27 December 1796 - in Reggio Emilia.

11. To improve pedestrian accessibility, a section of Rockaway Freeway beneath the station was closed to through traffic and the Beach 67th Street–Gaston Avenue station was renamed Beach 67th Street–Arverne by the Sea as a symbolic recognition of the neighborhood’s rebirth as a residential area and a summer waterfront destination.

12. From November 1941, German authorities allowed Crimean Tatars to establish Muslim Committees in various towns as a symbolic recognition of some local government authority, though they were not given any political power.

13. A satanic baptism is a ceremony for a child is intended to be a symbolic recognition of the infant as being born a Satanist and is only to be performed for those under the age of four, as LaVey claimed that beyond this age, the child has already begun to be influenced by "alien" ideas.

14. In his Closing the Gap speech in February 2020, Prime Minister Morrison reinforced the work of the Referendum Council, rejecting the idea of merely symbolic recognition, supporting a Voice co-designed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, "using the language of listening and empowerment".

15. The IER's recommendations also led to a groundbreaking collective reparations program that combined symbolic recognition of human rights violations with a development component in eleven regions that had suffered from collective punishment.

16. After completing the 2012 London Marathon Lomas received 14 medals from other marathon participants as symbolic recognition of her accomplishment.

17. Six athletes including Katherine Grainger and Katie Taylor presented flowers to six volunteers in a symbolic recognition of the 70,000 volunteers' contribution to the Games.

18. The death of Cardinal Pietro Boetto on 31 January at the age of 74 changed the outcome of the consistory to 27 Italians out of 69. As a symbolic recognition of the end of World War II, two of the new cardinals, Bernard Griffin from Great Britain and Konrad von Preysing of Germany embraced when they met on 12 February in the Vatican.

19. In an essay by former Afterimage (magazine) editor Grant Kester, the author states "In the "Arte Reembolso/Art Rebate" project (1993) they distributed signed 10 dollar bills to undocumented workers as a symbolic recognition of their contribution to the Southern California economy.

20. Vexillologist Steven A. Knowlton, an Assistant Professor and Collection Development Librarian of the University Libraries of the University of Memphis, believes the relationship of the current Tennessee State Flag and the flags of the Confederacy is one of "pragmatic unity" with a "deeper symbolic recognition" linking it to the Confederacy.

21. The honours of war are considered to be a symbolic recognition of a valiant defense.

22. Many Aboriginal Australians have said that a treaty or treaties would bring them real as well as symbolic recognition, and national debate has been occurring for many years on the topic, alongside related matters such as Indigenous recognition in the Australian Constitution, land rights, and programs aimed at reducing disadvantage such as such as Closing the Gap.

23. This bill gave them symbolic recognition as official languages, though they have not been adopted for official use within the government.

24. The future of education supports the cognitive practices of the groups and communities that recreate the values of their landscapes through the practices of cultural appreciation and symbolic recognition of places.