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swallowing in a sentence

1. painful swallowing;

2. Dysphagia is difficulty in swallowing.

3. House Crow swallowing bread in Kuala Lumpur.

4. Swallowing prey while flying.

5. Swallowing has caused death at 40 mL doses.

6. Pain when swallowing is less usual at first.

7. There may be difficult or painful swallowing.

8. There's also Marlon Brando swallowing a bug.

9. some included sword swallowing.

10. Swallowing a small mammal.

11. The swallowing CPG is a flexible CPG.

12. Hexagram 27 is named 頤 (yí), "Swallowing".

13. Odynophagia is pain when swallowing.

14. Speech and swallowing may be distorted.

15. It assists swallowing.

16. swallowing was rather difficult;

17. dysphagia (difficulty swallowing);

18. It assists in swallowing the food.

19. A gulp refers to the act of swallowing.

20. 3: Swallowing artifact.

21. speech and swallowing disturbances;

22. cry when swallowing;

23. Swallowing an overdose, he dies.

24. Swallowing larger amounts may cause injury.

25. Swallowing the chemical may cause death.

26. Via Augusta. Ficus swallowing the gate.

27. Swallowing the same cleanses the individual.

28. See, I like swallowing and breathing.

29. spore bacilli can cause swallowing infection.

30. Will swallowing Wyeth cure Pfizer?