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sustaining in a sentence

1. It operated as a self-sustaining farm.

2. It has also been more self-sustaining.

3. a vibrant self sustaining community;

4. The populations are self-sustaining.

5. BDC is financially self-sustaining.

6. The turnpike is self-sustaining;

7. Ship docking should be self-sustaining.

8. The electric arc is self-sustaining;

9. What is earth-sustaining is spiritual;

10. Modern economy is thus not self-sustaining.

11. with Holland also sustaining injuries.

12. vehicle sustaining engineering;

13. We were just sustaining who we are.

14. Sustaining Superior Performance.

15. Sustaining Hope.

16. and sustaining a connection with RRC.

17. Sustaining Elements.

18. The company has become a self-sustaining.

19. Sustaining Future Media in MENA and Beyond'

20. During this time, sustaining became tough.

21. Detail of the arches sustaining the roof.

22. It sounded bright and sustaining.

23. Awarded: for sustaining wounds in combat.

24. It's not sustaining safe practices.

25. it is a self-sustaining running program.

26. We were just sustaining who we are.

27. The house was totally self-sustaining.

28. The community would be self-sustaining.

29. Eden: Sustaining the Sound.

30. Initially, the program was sustaining.