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1 It is women who can bring empathy, tolerance, insight, patience, and persistence to government - the qualities we naturally have or have had to develop because of our suppression by men.
2 It has direct containment core spray I should say, from the suppression pool and has the ability to recirculate water and cool it, cool the containment if you will, from the suppression pool as well.
3 Many in Beijing are grumbling about intrusive security, with complaints appearing on websites, despite the suppression by Internet censors of discussion deemed critical of the games.
4 We suspect that suppression of melatonin may be involved in the effects of light at night on depressed affect.
5 First, it confirms that repeated, active suppression of specific encoded information can lead to subsequent forgetting of that information.
6 In spite of these efforts at suppression, however, most of the autobiography has surfaced over the years, and the supposed "embargo" has only led to increased interest in and sales for the book.
7 Until now, many young Syrians had been willing to tolerate widespread corruption and suppression of basic freedoms in exchange for a "pro-resistance" foreign policy and vague talk of reform.
8 Differentially expressed gene librarys of the control and experimental groups were constructed by the method of suppression subtractive hybridization.
9 Set this variable to specify the amount of memory used for unprocessed events, unprocessed notifications, and event suppression.
10 So the big difference between a PWR and BWR is that a BWR has a built in suppression pool for the steam that maybe released.
11 A new modulated lapped biorthogonal transform (MLBT) was introduced for narrowband interference suppression in spread spectrum communications.
12 Dickens would have enjoyed their priggishness: they supported the "Society for the Suppression of Vice" that snooped on the pleasures of the poor.
13 This intense suppression of the Asian male explains much of the equally intense devotion inspired by the late Bruce Lee both before and after his death in 1975.
14 Since June, we have seen the Iranian government engaged in a campaign of politically-motivated arrests, show trials and suppression of free speech," Clinton said.
15 victory means chiefly victory in combating "encirclement and suppression", that is, strategic victory and victories in campaigns.
16 The forces annihilated in each campaign constituted only part of his total strength, and yet all these "encirclement and suppression" campaigns were smashed.
17 Unless we have made necessary and sufficient preparations against a planned enemy "encirclement and suppression" campaign, we shall certainly be forced into a passive position.
18 The smashing of an enemy "encirclement and suppression" is a major campaign, but the principle of quick decision and not that of protractedness still applies.
19 army operating on strategically interior lines suffers from many disadvantages, and this is especially so in the case of the Red army, confronted as it is with "encirclement and suppression".
20 process of breaking an "encirclement and suppression" campaign is usually circuitous and not as direct as one would wish.
21 Treatment focuses on IOP reduction, suppression of inflammation, and reversal of angle closure.
22 During the Cold War, when conflicts with the United States intensified, Soviet internal suppression of dissidents escalated.
23 As the concentration of the extracts increased, the suppression on the seed germination, seedling fresh weight and root length of radish and on root length of lettuce increased.
24 Patients on chronic corticosteroid therapy may need to have supplementation with exogenous corticosteroids intraoperatively during major surgery if chronic adrenal cortex suppression is a possibility.
25 This area is associated with aggression in less fictional scenarios, and also with the subsequent suppression of more positive emotions, such as empathy.
26 This conformity implies, doesn't it, imitation, suppression, or some form of transcendence of the actual state?
27 To help keep radioactive matter from leaking, a dust - suppression system inside relies on sprinklers that periodically spray a watery solution to prevent it from becoming airborne.
28 STATION OVERVIEW: Fire suppression has always been important to the mission of a fire apparatus, yet its amazing how other OEM's approach water, foam, and CAFS as add-on accessories.
29 NIA, along with the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), has been at the forefront of helping expose JP Morgan's silver price suppression scheme.
30 methods of harmonics suppression for high-power rectifier devices are proposed .