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No. sentence
1 Tethering is supported by the phone, but carriers get to choose if they enable it.
2 But I stand by my comments on the open, advertising supported part of the web publishing model.
3 Part 5 investigated a scenario in which we switched between protocols supported by the service requester and the service provider.
4 If both of the versions have to be supported, allow appropriate time for packaging and testing.
5 Here, we will see how to find information on all the supported config object types and their attributes.
6 advocate hatred toward so many people who supported you?" wrote Tsai.
7 If it is not supported, then you simply return from the function.
8 Finding his own scheme met with no support, the Mayor faced round and supported the ideas of his Councillors.
9 We are humbled by the tens of thousands of people who supported us, prayed for us and fought for our release.
10 About one out of every five companies supported the arts in 2008.
11 Although video streaming is a no-show, both full IM and voice communication is supported directly over wireless networks.
12 In the course of designing catchment runway, the new calculating methods supported by the new standards were limited by the special slops and rainfall rates.
13 All three modes of signatures — enveloping, enveloped, and detached — are supported.
14 In the depiction of Mona Lisa's head, this skill in surface painting is supported by Leonardo's knowledge of the skull beneath the skin DE rived from his studies in anatomy.
15 As shown in this article, Wicket is a well supported framework with many useful and easy to use extensions.
16 Prior to this service pack, only supported simple data types.
17 Answer: we do not have a "supported" product, so do not take this into production yet.
18 If it is a combination, to what extent is each category of patterns supported?
19 project of directly liquefying coal is an industry project supported strongly by country at policy.
20 results of a Gallup poll showed that 94.9 percent of Beijings residents supported the citys Olympic bid.
21 with much trepidation on the part of its leaders, and reluctance on the part of its people, it has supported America in its war against the Taliban over the past decade.
22 Profile class and enumerations are not supported in this release; therefore, they do not show up in the wizard.
23 In eight years, only mother has twenties and supported family. in her face, I saw is not a just got married soon, that girl wearing the face, but, single-vineyard Chianti, tact, delicacy!
24 He supported the patriarch, he conciliated the greeks.
25 He supported the patriarch, and he conciliated the Greeks.
26 Attribution: All information supported by citations to source resources with hypertext links if available.
27 The speech made by the President was supported widely by the public.
28 The troops were at least entitled to know why they were in Bosnia and how strongly I supported them.
29 Fifth, it makes assertions not supported by the evidence.
30 I'll focus on the two most commonly used ones - supervised and unsupervised learning - because they are the main ones supported by Mahout.