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summer days in a sentence

1. Summer days are usually rainless.

2. Summer days are mild with nights being brisk.

3. During summer days of June;

4. Summer days are hot with cool summer nights.

5. and Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!).

6. and Summer Days.

7. Summer days are humid and hot.

8. Summer days are typically clear and cloudless.

9. Summer Days, and yet... story was released in 2003.

10. on summer days, they often rest in trees.

11. There are long summer days in January and February.

12. Samgyetang is a warm soup for hot summer days.

13. Summer days are mild along with cool nights.

14. Summer days can be hot and humid.

15. It was one of those hot summer days.

16. Summer days can be extremely hot.

17. Summer Days was ported to two other platforms.

18. The Summer Days &

19. The Grand Prize was won by Summer Days with Coo.

20. In the Bat Grotto bats spend summer days sleeping.

21. Vjosa river during the hot summer days.

22. Summer days long.

23. On busy summer days 70,000 people use the trail.

24. Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) Beach Boys' Party!

25. Bystranda is popular on hot summer days.

26. Summer days are mild to warm with nights being cool.

27. Summer Days may also refer to:

28. They lazed away the long summer days.

29. We gave shade on languorous summer days.

30. summer days, I can't stand the summer days.