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suggestion in a sentence

61. Tancred accepted their suggestion.

62. Rahman agreed with the suggestion.

63. Roosevelt rejected the suggestion.

64. Rajaji agreed with his suggestion.

65. This suggestion is controversial.

66. / Gosh it was only a suggestion;"

67. Archelaos rejected the suggestion.

68. not to the suggestion of remedies.

69. O'Bannon agreed to the suggestion.

70. Thus, upon the suggestion of Prof.

71. He took the suggestion seriously.

72. The suggestion fell on deaf ears.

73. Rajaji agreed with his suggestion.

74. Nell accepted Hetty's suggestion.

75. But Felix has a better suggestion.

76. Lütjens rejected his suggestion.

77. Guido rejects this suggestion too;

78. Jerome balked at the suggestion.

79. In 1912, at the suggestion of Rev.

80. Any suggestion you make to Genl.

81. Roger Stone denied the suggestion.

82. Jesse rejects Callie's suggestion;

83. The suggestion enraged the Nazis.

84. The DNC rejected this suggestion.

85. The suggestion was not acted upon.

86. but this suggestion was rejected.

87. His suggestion was knocked down.

88. Answer: Yes, one major suggestion.

89. This is my concluding suggestion.

90. So Charlemagne has a suggestion.