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No. sentence
1 I have reflected upon his suggestion.
2 The disclosure control method of RFIDIC realizes this suggestion by providing special authorization policy rules that assign the right to execute certain types of queries to certain user groups.
3 Someone made the suggestion that perhaps the President should call the new majority leader.
4 He has thought the suggestion over and decided not to adopt it.
5 In order to make him accept our suggestion, I decided to work on him immediately.
6 He bucked at the suggestion to reduce his staff.
7 They also reject any suggestion that they should move out of the district because of this.
8 We are all being manipulated, and my first suggestion is to throw your television set away.
9 The suggestion box is only there if you really mess up.
10 My suggestion is to free yourself from rigid notes, and instead write down ideas in branches and connections.
11 Suggestion: Cut sandwich into three triangles.
12 They are never set out as a clear hypothesis with the accompanying evidence and a clear suggestion of what research programmes might be planned to clarify any uncertainties.
13 Oriental peak film company suggestion enterprise investigation production company propaganda ideas and see whos thinking more in line with the enterprise publicity requirements.
14 I tap my finger on the screen, telling the computer brains underneath it got this suggestion right.
15 Another suggestion is to pray at meals.
16 My advice is to not depend only on what the scanner’ suggestion.
17 His suggestion is very much apropos.
18 I have read each and every comment and classified each suggestion and the results are pretty interesting.
19 The board meeting is over, isn't it My suggestion must have stood by.
20 This suggestion will certainly lead to an argument.
21 Sure, it may be rude and mean, but in most criticism, you can find a nugget of gold: honest feedback and a suggestion for improvement.
22 Her husband was surprised and delighted with the suggestion coming from her.
23 At Dean Miller's suggestion, I have allowed her to give the current student organizers the opportunity to propose a program for next semester that might warrant continuation of this event on campus.
24 However, a few years ago, I posed nude for art students. So my objection to the suggestion of a colleague that I go on a nude vacation was met with derision by my editor.
25 We will think about your suggestion.
26 The students chorused their approval of the suggestion.
27 Let's consider briefly his suggestion.
28 His suggestion was knocked down.
29 my opinion, this suggestion smacks of pessimism.
30 He surmised that the suggestion wouldn't find favour.