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suggesting in a sentence

1. Video evidence suggesting it was a MANPADS.

2. elevated LDH suggesting cell destruction;

3. suggesting river access for cattle.

4. He wrote to me in November suggesting this.

5. That's much worse than I was suggesting."

6. tarxat), suggesting a non-Turkic origin.

7. thus suggesting the importance of language.

8. No one's suggesting such a thing".

9. Some appear with trails, suggesting motion.

10. suggesting (SEM);

11. Braga countered by suggesting three ideas;

12. , suggesting their dislike for the album.

13. I am suggesting that He created sin" (p 54).

14. suggesting the mud on the bottom of Avaiki.

15. Mills is not suggesting determinism.

16. This has been explained by suggesting that:

17. ), suggesting an act of favor.

18. then suggesting he support the coup.

19. suggesting a seven-plated configuration.

20. suggesting the Dorian mode again.

21. therefore suggesting further research.

22. C. Rajagopalachari suggesting this to him.

23. Suggesting that Mrs.

24. "fist"), suggesting a diminutive height.

25. , suggesting the girl's name.

26. She did so by suggesting a time-saving idea.

27. The claim suggesting PKK-related killers.

28. Thanks for suggesting a lunch meeting.

29. I'm not suggesting capitulation.

30. Gaby: Are you suggesting I cheated on him?