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No. sentence
1 details about the data suffix the text.
2 In the first case the flat charge can apply to either claim as a whole or each suffix of the claim separately.
3 The matched suffix is the portion of the original URL that remains after the redirected URL is substituted.
4 parameter for each operation that the wizard creates is actually a business graph (hence the BG suffix) which you can think of as an enhanced business object.
5 The suffix fyrhth was not simply wood, but “scrubland at the edge of the forest”.
6 Finally, all DMA command names have a _cmd suffix.
7 For example, "ou=india, o=ibm, c=in" is the suffix that is used in this article.
8 This task catches requests and adds a unique suffix to get a new response.
9 In the LDAP directory, a suffix is a top-level entry in LDAP directory hierarchy, under which all the logically related information is stored.
10 If you knew that only domains with your Banks' names in the suffix were legitimate, it would make it harder for scammers to trick you by steering you to a fake site.
11 URL suffix redundant or missing diagonals.
12 It's a form of shorthand-placing an m before the name of the model in the filename can help you keep things organized, without having to use a longer prefix or suffix like model_.
13 Given the first six fields, a minter must try many sequential suffix values to produce a stamp that hashes with the desired number of leading zeros.
14 Hexadecimal constants without a suffix are defined as an unsigned int if it will fit into 32-bits and if the high order bit is turned on.
15 This required that all subtrees are all under the same suffix, since there is no common parent between suffixes.
16 Adding the proper suffix.
17 This means the suffix has been added successfully.
18 the required schema is loaded, you need to add a suffix for your root domain name in the LDAP directory.
19 The LDAP server can have multiple suffixes, with each suffix denoting a specific directory hierarchy.
20 Adding a new suffix does not actually create the corresponding LDAP object in the directory.
21 Planets orbiting stars beyond the sun are labelled merely with the name of the star and a suffix letter.
22 Note: You can use the $X suffix for an application level property file, but be aware that the application level property file impacts all the data sources.
23 combining pinyin of Chinese characters Geili (giving strength) with the English suffix for adjectives, literally means "giving power" or "cool".
24 The server automatically performs this suffix substitution.
25 This is not mandatory; GCC tries provide the appropriate suffix by reading the operands.
26 In this case, an empty version will be detected later and an empty path suffix is what happens for production builds, so that's acceptable.
27 HOW did foreclosures go, in a matter of weeks, from just another miserable statistic in America's housing bust to the subject of a scandal with its own "-gate" suffix?
28 While in this directory, a copy is placed in the archive directory with the suffix of a timestamp and a success or fail indicator.
29 NOTE: The domain suffix is the end of domain name, including the period.
30 use for the suffix is for clustered environments when the same application is running on multiple instances of the server.