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suction in a sentence

1. Leech featured suction cup limbs;

2. They use suction feeding to capture prey.

3. The first is by applying more suction.

4. Terms such as "suction pen" may be used;

5. suitable shaping increases suction.

6. It is sometimes called a suction dredge.

7. A suction dredge can be:

8. Excavator. Suction excavator.

9. Pump of the suction excavator.

10. Prey items are captured via suction.

11. They are a suction-type call.

12. Other versions of Dart has fixed suction.

13. Many ichthyoplankton use suction to feed.

14. Its tongue acts as a suction cup;

15. 3) One cutter suction dredger;

16. An enormous suction effect."

17. The pharynx acts as a suction pump;

18. suction-limiting vent system;

19. 4) Duct suction pressure loads.

20. Spangler called it a "suction sweeper."

21. MTS suction excavator Dino Tridem.

22. Adapted from the Suction liner notes.

23. Low suction power;

24. Medium suction power;

25. they form a suction disc or sucker.

26. It produces permanent passive suction.

27. Three suction anchors hold each turbine.

28. Removing sediment with a suction pump.

29. A suction pile is open at one end.

30. It's called a suction cannula.