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substantially in a sentence

1. Both groups overlap substantially.

2. The middle class grew substantially.

3. Human body types vary substantially.

4. E" trail increased substantially.

5. Sales improved, but not substantially.

6. It was substantially amended in 1988.

7. Human body types vary substantially.

8. This number has dropped substantially.

9. His report was substantially adopted.

10. The endowment rose substantially.

11. adds substantially to the cost.

12. Spyker lost substantially since 2007.

13. raised her fee substantially.

14. The club's income rose substantially.

15. has grown substantially.

16. Dry seasons are substantially colder;

17. it has been substantially altered.

18. The building is substantially intact.

19. It was substantially damaged.

20. The lion is substantially complete;

21. The building is substantially intact.

22. It is substantially intact.

23. Substantially intact.

24. This SPS is substantially intact.

25. The sewer is substantially intact.

26. It is substantially intact.

27. The road is substantially intact.

28. The track is substantially intact.

29. Substantially intact.

30. It is substantially timbered.