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subsistence hunting in a sentence

1. Most pursue subsistence hunting and fishing.

2. Subsistence hunting and fishing are the major economic activities.

3. Today, Teller is an Inupiat village that depends on subsistence hunting and fishing.

4. The economy of Kobuk is based on subsistence hunting for caribou and moose.

5. Much of the economy around Kaltag is based on subsistence hunting and fishing.

6. Iñupiat people continue to rely heavily on subsistence hunting and fishing.

7. A major value within subsistence hunting is the utilization of the whole catch or animal.

8. Some of these attempts included increased subsistence hunting.

9. More recently, the main threats are hunting, including subsistence hunting, and bycatch.

10. Subsistence hunting by local residents is permitted in both the park and preserve.

11. If Noatak was a national park, only subsistence hunting would be allowed.

12. Threats include subsistence hunting and predation by dogs and cats.

13. This goes beyond subsistence hunting and fishing.

14. The main economic activities are subsistence agriculture, fishing and subsistence hunting.

15. Both sport and subsistence hunting of large game is allowed in the park with proper permits.

16. In Alaska, there is some subsistence hunting of the species.

17. They were relatively poor and engaged in subsistence hunting.

18. They are known for subsistence hunting of langur and macaque monkeys.

19. The kagu's initial decline was caused by subsistence hunting.

20. Subsistence hunting is permitted within the refuge.

21. There has been some resistance to subsistence hunting by the Sea Shepherd group.

22. Subsistence hunting and fishing is augmented by some trapping and commercial fishing.

23. This sort of subsistence hunting was on a small scale and produced only localised effects.

24. They include subsistence hunting and commercial hunting.

25. Subsistence hunting may be a threat in southern Madagascar.

26. Natives received compensation under this act, but it did not protect subsistence hunting.

27. Permits are required to practise subsistence hunting in state of Alaska.

28. These primitive dogs were widely employed for subsistence hunting in rural areas.

29. Akeya's ivory was either obtained through his subsistence hunting or excavating.

30. They are only allowed to be harvested by Alaskan Natives for subsistence hunting.