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1 This is a gripping story, expertly handled by Benjamin Wallace who writes with wit and verve, drawing the reader into a subculture strewn with eccentrics and monomaniacs.
2 publication requirement insisted upon by some of the Manhattan judges has fed an eerie subculture of readers, many of them prisoners, who follow the newspaper notices.
3 Star Wars has leaked into nearly every subculture since its premiere in 1977, and steampunk is no exception.
4 edited Undecided Subculture Copy with Wang Yiliang and Jimbut (till 1995, published 12 volumes together).
5 gave me some insight into that mindset, that subculture, but I never want to see it again," he said. "Once was enough."
6 easier for women to thrive outside the stiflingly male evangelical subculture.
7 Just as Yosemite's el Capitan beckons the bravest of rock climbers, Israel's wall has become the ultimate challenge for members of the global street-art subculture.
8 cells were cultured in DMEM medium and PDL fibroblasts were purified in subculture.
9 The Gulag Archipelago" described the system, its tortures, rules and subculture, in relentless, gruesome, encyclopedic form.
10 design that has been integrated into Beijing's subculture of "cool", this graphic commemorates the CJ750 sidecar and the thrill of the open road.
11 W00t _ "Expression of joy or triumph, or an obvious victory; abbreviation of 'We Owned the Other Team, ' originating from computer-gaming subculture."
12 People are drawn to the vampire subculture for the same reasons theyare drawn to any subculture: for a sense of community of like-mindedenthusiasts.
13 Choosing one-factor auxin was adverse to buds subculture multiplication of Lily, for example NAA or IAA.
14 Objective: To analyse the genetic stability of lactic acid bacteria separated from DVS during subculture.
15 oil red staining indicated that a small quantity of lipid droplets in sebocytes, and immunohistochemistry staining of CK4.62, EMA were positive in subculture sebocytes.
16 Within our little subculture Brian Provinciano is an old hero," said Steven Alexander, a co-founder of Infamous Adventures, which creates new retro-styled games as well as Sierra remakes.
17 subject test skills, for example titration, weighing materials, electrophoresis, Gram staining and sub-culture etc.
18 The notion itself seems incredibly daunting-until you look at one maligned subculture in which the smartest members are also the most popular: the geeks.
19 Symantec, a computer-security company, says it has far outgrown its nerdy roots in a subculture of brainy social outcasts fuelled by pizza deliveries and fizzy drinks.
20 pieces showcasing goth's different subculture fashions, like Gothic Lolita, cyber-goth, old-school goth, and Victorian-goth.
21 It shows obviously active effect on differentiation and multiplication of hairy roots to subculture hairy roots and their calluses on different composition of medium.
22 Nisan is part of a thriving subculture of men and women in Japan who indulge in real relationships with imaginary characters.
23 months before the Berlin Wall fell as a venture into daylight by a youth subculture hatched in Berlin clubs.
24 Websites devoted to the phones are appearing and have become a genuine subculture.
25 A boy geek subculture has grown up around gaming that involves violence.
26 I haven't spent much time looking at the hackers, but my sense is that they have some kind of contact with the larger subculture and that they draw on the ethos of it.
27 Freedom isn't about a subculture; it's about the culture. It's not a microcosm; it's a cosm.
28 Karen Bettez Halnon, a sociologist at Penn State University, says tattoos are no longer a subculture; they appeal to almost everyone from doctors to bankers and even to soccer moms.
29 Once simply a bizarre subculture in Japan, cosplay is becoming a global phenomenon.
30 However, to brand culture, subculture is an important carrier of communication.