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No. sentence
1 Then, on the last two days of the study, they could choose what they ate.
2 The study looked at vegetarians, fish eaters and people who ate meat.
3 The study authors pointed out that chocolate eaten in Sweden tends to have a high cocoa content.
4 As historians we brood about the study of the history.
5 He trained to be an engineer and was sent to Russia to study missile technology.
6 The study also examines the contexts in which they exist and highlights the factors that have contributed to the formation of the strategic relationships.
7 One heart expert agreed that the new study highlights the importance of being physically fit.
8 But this study suggests that if the goal is increased equality, individual attitudes have to change.
9 Although the level of protection that we saw was clearly modest, the study is a major scientific advance," Dr Kim said.
10 But the study had its limitations.
11 In the same study, when the elephants saw red clothing not worn before, they reacted angrily, as red is typically worn by Maasai men.
12 The study strengthens the case that so-called supervolcano eruptions lead to massive climate change and may be responsible for many of the most devastating mass murders in Earth's history.
13 Peiris and study co-author yi Guan are best known for identifying the SARS virus and helping to contain its 2003 outbreak.
14 bitter fruit of all this uncertainty can be gleaned from a recent Federal Reserve study.
15 No one is your authority. Study this stuff for yourself.
16 It's the sort of thing that we can put on a scale and prod with a stick and the biologists can study, presumably made up of various kinds of molecules, atoms and so forth.
17 If you have something to say about it, you should go into that world and study it and get to know those people and spend time there.
18 fact, I find she is very modest and always says that she did not study hard in college and her English is extremely poor.
19 another study in the same issue of the journal, researchers at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, take a different look at medical errors, and focus on the types of errors that patients make.
20 The study at Auckland University was undertaken by Dr Maggie Kalev and Professor Matthew During.
21 But he conceded that the research does not establish a causal link and that the study did not control for many possible variables.
22 Why, then, should we not study the acquisition of a cognitive structure like language more or less as we study some complex bodily organ?
23 of whining were found in the Netherlands, Thailand and Ireland, according to the study by the FDS research group.
24 Therefore, study how to enhance urban radiation of Chuxiong as regional central city has important theoretical and practical significance.
25 Study on the structural deformation and its Metallogenic Process has important steering significance for the evolution of Chuxiong Basin and to explore more copper resources.
26 They study at the same school.
27 The Canadian study tested a five-week program that also emphasized sleep restriction, controlling negative thoughts and avoiding stimuli like light and noise in the bedroom.
28 The teacher kept preaching about the importance of study.
29 When John graduated from school, he decided that he was done with study for good and all.
30 He had some statuettes in his study. They stood on a high cupboard behind his desk.