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No. sentence
1 The students were regimented into large groups for military training.
2 The students gathered round him and began to ask him questions.
3 The students are eating up the course in TOEFL.
4 The English teacher watered down the course for the slow-learning students.
5 He failed no students this term.
6 However, parents, teachers and students take on quite different views and, consequently, they seem not to have reached any compromises yet.
7 The teacher pernoctated with the students once.
8 Every day the teacher checks to see if the students have done their homework.
9 beginning of each class, I count off the students.
10 Most of the students understand English well.
11 Most students in our class go in for scientific activities.
12 project has introduced many modern software engineering practices, such as component-based development and product families, to Chinese software engineering students and practitioners.
13 The professor discoursed at length on how students from different language backgrounds make the same kinds of mistakes in the use of articles.
14 Over the past decade, students have performed worse on federal history tests administered by the Department of Education than on tests in any other subject.
15 The students acknowledged the authority of the student council.
16 students in the village petitioned the authority for a new playground.
17 Mr White was revered for his great learning by all the students in the college.
18 At that time we were students.
19 Finally, I don't know of any university, including the ones I teach at, that tells its engineering students what to expect in the long term or how to manage their technical careers.
20 Many students specialize in engineering.
21 we have defined software engineering in various ways to try and take into account some of the definitions, as you will see from my students' research on the topic.
22 In fact, the programs for all of these disciplines overlap significantly: all teach students to program in at least one language; all teach techniques for problem analysis and system design.
23 She remained behind the leading students for the first two years and surpassed them in the last year.
24 Several college students boarded with the retired couple.
25 Now our mountain village has its own college students.
26 Yes, you are an expert on something and you should share your expertise with educators and their students.
27 But, I have to admit that the project is the first one where my students weren't able to get to deployment in seven weeks.
28 By using questionnaire, to discover the condition of learning strategy of junior middle school students in Chuxiong Yi Nationality Prefecture, This essay is an applied research.
29 when they learn English phonetics, Zhaotong city students are often influenced by Chinese or local dialect phonetics and they often commit some phonetic errors.
30 The teacher taught the students how to paragraph an essay.