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No. sentence
1 He quickly realizes he's tied up and struggles to get free.
2 But while the autobiography contains many such bare-knuckle outbursts, you won't find many Revelations about Twain's inner moral struggles.
3 so on this day, in which we celebrate a man and a movement that did so much for this country, let us draw strength from those earlier struggles.
4 Likewise, one organization might have that "extra something" in its business process model that gives it an edge over the competition while another organization struggles in this area.
5 But economic theory struggles to explain the bizarre world of fund management, where the market is fragmented but fees stay stubbornly high.
6 Ed struggles for an answer, but this Christmas Day he found it - Wang Fanghe, a 61-year-old Miao gentleman who led us over the mountain ridge to Jianhe before dark.
7 When an insect flies into the web, it becomes stuck, and its struggles causes the silk lines to vibrate, alerting the Darwin's bark spider.
8 They cried for my parents, laughed with me, and related to my struggles with faith.
9 But he struggles, arguing with himself about what his body is telling him.
10 Schultz comes across in these pages as a genuinely, even disarmingly, nice guy, so that, while he's recalling his angst and recounting his struggles, you find yourself cheering him on.
11 Personas can help designers understand how older people and disabled people will use a product if they are defined as people with individual feelings and struggles in life.
12 And yet, like many of you, I have made progress with these struggles.
13 At AGBOGBLOSHIE market in Accra, Ghana's capital, Rose Kamina struggles to sell T-shirts in the stifling heat. "Business is small-small," says the 22-year-old wearily.
14 when it was done, when her agonal struggles had ceased, you left us a calling card.
15 He had few struggles with Congress, because he rarely asked Congress to do anything.
16 preciousness than a adamancy that struggles through frustration.
17 Elevated hemoglobin levels thicken the blood, and the heart struggles to pump it around the body.
18 Below Jupiter, Mars is relatively faint and struggles the most to shine through a thin cloud bank and the warming twilight glow.
19 They'll put up with dirty rooms booked at the last minute, weird food that no one can explain, and all the struggles that come with a language barrier.
20 We have all been there in some way and can see a bit of ourselves in his personal and professional successes and struggles.
21 Living in the Welsh Valleys, their struggles of working for the English owners of the harsh iron industry are turned into a captivating tale of the passions and hopes of a resilient community.
22 talk show host's eponymous magazine is just one of many US publications putting out thinner editions as the magazine industry struggles to hold on to advertisers and readers.
23 These struggles have regional nuances, of course, but they are basically the same.
24 As independence struggles go, the process of dismantling the federation of the Netherlands Antilles is about as orderly and peaceful as it gets.
25 Ricky Miller, a 50-year-old veteran who lost a foot in a medical mishap, still struggles with pain.
26 It follows the life and struggles of a million-strong colony of pink flamingos in Lake Natron, northern Tanzania, which are threatened by plans for a new factory in the area.
27 This part of the DRC is no stranger to violence, having witnessed some kind of conflict since the pre-independence struggles between the Belgians and Germans.
28 Wizard dueling has rules and competitions, but in a battle, the same skills come into play in life or death struggles.
29 If winning the White House represents a resolution of the Obamas' struggles, it also means a new, higher-stakes confrontation with some of the vexing issues that fed those tensions.
30 This means the brain receives blurred information which it then struggles to process.