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No. sentence
1 All treaties between great states cease to be binding when they come in conflict with the struggle for existence.
2 Yang and Gao began to struggle, but Liu and Guan took them prisoner.
3 The government must mediate the struggle for water resources.
4 We should exert ourselves in the struggle for the modernization of science and technology.
5 Since we know the outcome of that struggle, we know the answer to the test.
6 Their last film, "Black Gold", which premiered at the Sundance film festival, was about the struggle of one man against the multi-billion dollar coffee industry.
7 Southern separatists, meanwhile, tend to see the strife in distant Sana 'a as a power struggle between northern warlords.
8 The struggle, if there were one, need not be described.
9 We firmly support the Asian, African and Latin American people in their struggle for liberation!
10 This year, Scorpios are not alone in their struggle, and should have more trust and faith in people - this is for those who have witnessed many problems in the past.
11 We repelled the enemy from the shores after a long hard struggle.
12 The struggle fetched out his true character.
13 But the ferment in the Arab world echoes the struggle for freedom of oppressed peoples under communism, demonstrating that striving for freedom is not simply a Eurasian but a universal aspiration.
14 We will, as always, firmly support your just struggle.
15 The occupants of the college struggle to find enough food fuel and shelter for everyone in need living in constant fear that the Japanese will overrun the place.
16 struggle against environmental destruction is far from over.
17 After more than a hundred years of anti-imperialist, anti-feudal struggle, the calamity-ridden Chinese nation at last stood up.
18 child is free to wonder about magic, to believe in the clear purity of the struggle between good and evil, to bask in simple, unquestioning friendships.
19 had quite forgotten his struggle to kiss her when, in the early summer, they had driven in the opposite direction along the same road.
20 The upper and lower halves of the village then struggle against each other – by any means necessary – to carry the ball some 225 yards back to their respective riverbanks.
21 This struggle is sharp and complex. We can never let down guard.
22 But it is a struggle for the maker of Pampers nappies and Fairy washing-up liquid.
23 However, if you have the wrong mix of investments in the value chain, then your business will continue to struggle regardless of the performance of your software development and delivery organization.
24 They closed with their enemy and started a fierce struggle.
25 A life-and-death struggle is looming ahead.
26 Unfortunately, though, in one important way the historical facts do not accord with the romantic image of ragged scribes in a lonely struggle to preserve Christian culture from the forces of darkness.
27 Today you feel like a laboratory rat who has to struggle through a maze every time it wants a chunk of cheese.
28 He gets fewer cacao trees to the acre by planting inside the forest. But he avoids the drawbacks other farmers struggle with when they grow cacao trees on more open land.
29 They struggle to grow enough potatoes, maize and rice to feed themselves.
30 Keep up the struggle till you succeed.