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stressful in a sentence

1. Life in London was stressful for Goldman;

2. His personal life became stressful;

3. The talks were long and stressful;

4. [...] It was a very stressful experience.

5. It was a very stressful show to make;

6. Shift work is stressful.

7. The way we prepare the outfit is stressful.

8. A NICU can be stressful for the staff as well.

9. Social workers deal with stressful situations.

10. She is also going through a stressful divorce.

11. It is very stressful for the lizard.

12. Recording was stressful.

13. It's a lot less stressful out here.

14. Applying to colleges can be stressful.

15. They hiss and growl in stressful situations.

16. Change is often very stressful for workers.

17. It was really a stressful time.

18. Production was stressful;

19. Change is often very stressful for workers.

20. His governorship was a stressful time.

21. "This new format has been so stressful.

22. It was especially stressful."

23. It was stressful, but it was exciting.

24. Stress: stressful events.

25. It was stressful.

26. Although stressful working under Mrs.

27. The condition is stressful to many employees.

28. Work on the statue had been stressful.

29. unemployment can be enormously stressful.

30. This is stressful.