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No. sentence
1 Last week, we showed you how to wirelessly stream live TV content from an HD antenna to your laptop.
2 Colors all across the spectrum swirled before him in the stone of the walls and the floor, heated by some distant fissure or hot stream.
3 A stream meandered towards the sea.
4 of Penang, for instance, has wide roads, a steady stream of university science graduates, an efficient power supply and a modern airport from which goods are flown around the world.
5 Bumiputra perks yield a stream of uncontested, negotiated contracts and other forms of patronage to UMNO politicians.
6 The examples and concepts that follow are based on applying a Value Stream Map to a software engineering organization, but these concepts are applicable to a wide range of Settings.
7 Version numbers do not have to remain constant from stream to stream.
8 You can be a billionaire, but if you’re worried about money, and constantly thinking about it, then you’re not really wealthy. Wealth is in the mind, it’s a faith that the stream will never run dry.
9 When we go camping, my dad catches fish from the stream.
10 Behind our school there is a stream courting the fishermen.
11 They had been working in the stream for a week but they hadn't panned out.
12 Its second job, once an expression has been deemed valid, is to break the input stream into its component pieces and deliver those to you in some useful fashion.
13 reason homeopathic medicine is put under your tongue is for quick absorption into your blood stream.
14 This manipulation includes getting a certain file input stream from the document package, updating, inserting, or deleting a file stream, and other basic operations.
15 The tokenizer moves through the stream, inspecting characters one at a time until it encounters either an integer or the end of file.
16 processor interprets a stream of data as instructions to execute; it has one or more processing units that perform integer and floating-point arithmetic as well as more advanced computations.
17 The stream has frozen up; you can see the fish trapped in the ice.
18 Tears stream down my cheeks.
19 As chemical precursors stream onto the surface of a rolling metal or plastic substrate, they react with one another to form a network of nanoparticles.
20 Careful steps were required to avoid the black stream littered with telltale plastic bags.
21 Slavers in France would send their shirts to be washed in the streams of the Caribbean isle of st Domingue, now Haiti; the water there was said to whiten the linen better than any European stream.
22 The child turned her eyes to the point indicated; and there lay the scarlet letter, so close upon the margin of the stream, that the gold embroidery was reflected in it.
23 This immense chasm has been formed by an underground stream which has tunnelled a course through a flaw in the rocks.
24 model and fragments will be merged silently in integration stream because the changes are trivial, given that User1 is the first to deliver changes to the stream.
25 Deep Green" and steering the tethered "kite" enables the turbine to capture energy from the tidal currents at ten times the speed of the actual stream velocity, say Minesto.
26 Far below are willow flats and watermeadows, and the meanders of a stream that has not seen a rod in 60 years.
27 In midmost of the stream, embraced in the weir's shimmering arm-spread, a small island lay anchored, fringed close with willow and silver birch and alder.
28 Some materials, however, are easier to spin in this way than others, for if the molecules do not stick together, the liquid stream will break up.
29 Once you have finished working on an activity, you can deliver your changes to the default integration stream (parent stream), or to any other stream that you choose.
30 During harvesting, the movement of changes is from child stream to parent stream, which aligns with the classic parallel development delivery mechanism.