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storage tubes in a sentence

1. The sperm may be retained in storage tubes attached to the oviduct until the following spring.

2. The majority of storage tubes allow for a lower voltage to be applied to the storage mesh which slowly restores the initial charge state.

3. This storage consists of 800 vertical storage tubes, each capable of storing ten containers.

4. The Williams tube was an example of a general class of cathode ray tube (CRT) devices known as storage tubes.

5. Storage tubes were based on CRTs, sometimes unmodified.

6. There were four general classes of storage tubes;

7. These were similar to the earlier third-party terminals, essentially combining one of their storage tubes with the circuitry needed to decode instructions from the host and turn those into control inputs.

8. Tektronix continued selling the storage tubes to OEMs, the 19" version as the GMA101 and 102 (the former offering roughly twice the drawing speed) and the 25" as the GMA 125.

9. Tektronix had originally developed their storage tubes in the late 1950s as a way to store images on oscilloscope displays for study, although the same system had already been used in radar displays.

10. The main disadvantage of storage tubes is that once the image is stored, it can only be removed by erasing the entire image.

11. Storage tubes are a class of cathode-ray tubes (CRTs) that are designed to hold an image for a long period of time, typically as long as power is supplied to the tube.

12. Storage tubes made a comeback in the 1960s and 1970s for use in computer graphics, most notably the Tektronix 4010 series.

13. The two main advantages were: Generally speaking, storage tubes could be divided into two categories.

14. Other storage tubes were able to store greyscale/halftoned images;

15. PLATO II and PLATO III also used storage tubes as displays.

16. Direct-view bistable storage tube (DVBST) was an acronym used by Tektronix to describe their line of storage tubes.

17. They were packed in cardboard storage tubes in crates of 24 or 50. Fuzes were shipped separately in boxes containing 25 fuzes.

18. each. They came packed in storage tubes in crates of 30 grenades.

19. The closing animation reveals storage tubes inscribed with the names of the deceased soldiers from the Greentown attack, hinting that Col.

20. Because the direct view storage tubes do not flicker as do conventional CRTs, and because the BASIC programming interface allowed simple, rapid rendering of vector graphic displays, the 405x series were used in many theatrical contexts.

21. All were using vector graphics, which was a step up from the earlier storage tubes.

22. However, the displays were not based on storage tubes, so the images disappeared shortly after they were drawn.

23. A derivative of CRTs were storage tubes, which had the ability to retain information displayed on them, unlike standard CRTs which need to be refreshed periodically.

24. In 1973, the site included 0.6 m (24 in) and 0.4 m (16 in) Cassegrain telescopes equipped with storage tubes, remote readouts and image orthicon electronic imaging tubes.

25. The original tracking algorithms were built into custom hardware that became common during World War II. This includes storage tubes used with planned position indicator displays, range height indicator displays, and pen-plotting boards used for civilian air traffic control and waterway management.

26. Sperm from previous matings is mostly stored in doublet storage tubes called spermathecae, while sperm from the most recent mating is typically in a separate singlet spermatheca.

27. The corvettes continued to hunt in the area until the Fairmiles arrived to relieve them, with Arrowhead departing to rejoin the convoy at 15:40 and Summerside at 16:20. The depth charges that the escorts had dropped damaged the storage tubes for reserve torpedoes on the exterior of the submarine's hull.

28. All sorts of systems were used to replace computer memory with other concepts, like the storage tubes used in the Tektronix 4010 terminals, or the zero memory racing-the-beam system used in the Atari 2600.