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stereoscopic vision in a sentence

1. As a consequence, he has limited sight in one eye and lacks normal stereoscopic vision.

2. Although he had lost his stereoscopic vision, he could still see fine print and the hairs on the bodies of small insects.

3. The nervous system becomes adapted for hearing and stereoscopic vision, and for new methods of locomotion and feeding.

4. Stereoscopic vision is used in special cases involving unique features present in both views of a pair of cameras.

5. Shoemaker had already shown herself to be unusually patient, and she had already demonstrated exceptional stereoscopic vision;

6. The lynx is assisted by its stereoscopic vision in detecting prey and measuring distances.

7. This is vision outside of the range of stereoscopic vision.

8. Although the eyes of strepsirrhines point forward, giving stereoscopic vision, the orbits do not face fully forward.

9. As of 2001 her work was considered "the best attempt to date" to develop a stereoscopic vision system.

10. The position of the orbits of Ankylosaurus suggest some stereoscopic vision.

11. Unlike gibbons, it had a short tail, and only partial stereoscopic vision.

12. This stereoscopic vision would have helped it to find small prey.

13. As with other leaping primates, it has stereoscopic vision that enables it to determine distances precisely.

14. It had large eye sockets and stereoscopic vision, allowing for good depth perception.

15. When prey is located, both eyes can be focused in the same direction, giving sharp stereoscopic vision and depth perception.

16. Eddie fires the gun, grazing Jake (as Eddie lacks the stereoscopic vision and depth perception to aim well).

17. They possessed a short, deep skull, which was suited for stereoscopic vision;

18. Like other jumping spiders, due to their large, forward-facing eyes, they have very good stereoscopic vision.

19. Keystone stereoscopic vision tests were used to test automobile and truck drivers, as well as airplane pilots.

20. EyeSight is Subaru's active safety system that uses twin CCD cameras, simulating stereoscopic vision.

21. Slender lorises are recognised for having extremely gracile limbs and extreme stereoscopic vision.

22. Her work has been considered "the best attempt to date" to develop a stereoscopic vision system.

23. Jaekelopterus had a frontally overlapping visual field, e.g. stereoscopic vision, typical of predatory animals.

24. Each telescope is actually two telescopes giving stereoscopic vision.

25. High precision speed measurement can be achieved if stereoscopic vision techniques are used.

26. In 2006 he initiated the first European (civilian) real-time transmission of true-3D geodata for stereoscopic vision.

27. Not enough just to install a pair of cameras to simulate stereoscopic vision of a person.

28. These researchers furthermore speculated that this feature could have allowed for stereoscopic vision.

29. Stereoscopic Vision - Human's left and right eyes receive slightly different images that allow the brain to perceive depth.

30. Objective:To study the recovery of stereoscopic vision after strabismus surgery.