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statist in a sentence

1. Lê Duẩn's view of socialism was statist, highly centralised and managerial.

2. His title was Meteorological Statist to the Board of Trade, and he had a staff of three.

3. Elpidio Cobian works as a film statist.

4. Statist may refer to:

5. stricter in observance, and more "statist" in their politics.

6. as long as candidates are libertarian socialist and anti-statist in policy.

7. The magazine is somewhat anti-statist and against an expansion of the welfare state.

8. He was originally a statist but later converted to socialist anarchism in the 1930s.

9. In other cases, it could be a basis for statist nationalism.

10. Thus the primary definition of Rhōmaios was "political or statist."

11. It was a difficult balancing act, coming as he did from a Statist background.

12. On the left, they were Theodore Roosevelt's "statist-tending corporate liberalism";

13. Between the most and least statist points are corporatist and state-society synergy;

14. as long as candidates are libertarian socialist and anti-statist in policy.

15. neither laissez-faire nor statist.

16. These authors emphasize that PDAs have different motives from existing statist defense agencies.

17. Leaving the Herald, Fergusson moved to The Statist, a journal for economists and businessmen.

18. The Austrians defeated the Statist army at the Battle of Falmagne on 28 September.

19. The movement has been described as "statist-chauvinist".

20. Their rhetoric had taken an increasingly anti-statist turn.

21. This is not the only question that this statist perspective is able to answer.

22. This statist perspective also solves the question of why, when, and where revolutions occur.

23. The Statist was a British magazine.

24. In addition, nationalists were considered statist, which clashed sharply with the neoliberals.

25. Statist individualism is an ideology which pushes for an alliance between state and individual.

26. She says that Democratic Confederalism can be an alternative to the statist government systems.

27. I wish I could tell you that he shook free of the warm fug of statist self-congratulation.

28. The statist trend intensified greatly during the credit crunch.

29. The west may have tried too hard to pigeonhole Mr Putin, as a liberal, statist or KGB man.

30. It is true that China's economy is moving in a statist direction.