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state violence in a sentence

1. However, he also criticised the lawlessness, class discrimination, state violence, and absence of free expression.

2. Stohl clarifies, however, that "[n]ot all acts of state violence are terrorism.

3. In 1981, one of the worst years of state violence, the numbers fall towards zero.

4. — A unnamed embassy official makes a cynical remark about state violence during Amin's regime.

5. To be coercive or deter another state, violence must be anticipated and avoidable by accommodation.

6. The Scottish anarcho-punk band Oi Polloi covered the song "State Violence, State Control".

7. Estimates of figures for victims of state violence vary and are highly contested.

8. A victim of state violence and witness for the prosecution, he was feared dead and has never been found.

9. The Sikhs were now permitted to own land and to move freely without any state violence against them.

10. Years of sustained state violence have created a serious level of political unrest in the region.

11. Thus, both amnesty laws sought to produce impunity for state violence, particularly the king's involvement.

12. This is the only Telugu novel which highlights state violence during the Emergency.

13. The Workers Party released a statement condemning the raids as "state violence."

14. Finnish conservatives did not accept the state violence and anti-church policies of the Nazis.

15. This period of state violence in the state of Guerrero helped to bring about numerous guerrilla organizations.

16. Tatane's death has been described as "a watershed moment in public perceptions of state violence after apartheid".

17. and resistance to state violence and corruption.

18. Again, Burns’s targets in the novel are the state, violence and power.

19. Duvalier said that state violence in prisons would no longer be allowed, and loosened press censorship.

20. In December 1985, increased state violence led the U.S. to threaten to cut off aid.

21. State violence increased, and Duvalier suspended certain civil liberties, declaring a state of siege.

22. De Lagasnerie co-wrote a book with Assa Traoré on the fight against state violence and police brutality.

23. Dying from Improvement explores state violence against Indigenous peoples.

24. Themes in blu are prison, war, state violence and desire.

25. Since the early 80’s Parvaneh Milani became a vocal advocate against state violence.

26. This program also provides #solidarityshares, for immigrants, refugees, and those impacted by state violence.

27. —CHOICE Democracy Rio de Janeiro State Violence.

28. State violence became mostly evident after the Puch’ŏn Police Sex Torture Case in 1986.

29. Human Acts asks fundamental questions about the still-open wounds inflicted by state violence and human brutality.

30. Christianity could not spread without the application of state violence.