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1 To answer the first two it is necessary to peel away layers accumulated over 510 years since a band of Portuguese explorers landed in what is now Bahia state.
2 Details of the procedure for detection of artificial ripening of fruits have also been distributed to state authorities.
3 With convergence to an ideal state, you can expect the system to be in or near that ideal state.
4 If activity of any system component is increasing throughout the test run, the system has not reached steady state.
5 Cells get 'eaten' by 'bigger' cells and eventually cycle back to state 0 again.
6 they are not building a state to continue the conflict with Israel, but to end it.
7 But this is a difficult exercise: Looking at the state of international relations theory, one quickly realizes the absence of consensus about the best way to think about global politics.
8 state plans to sue the US Navy to seek compensation for coral ruined when a guided missile cruiser the length of two football fields ran aground near Pearl Harbor in February.
9 Recently, the President sent Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of defense Robert Gates to Moscow to discuss the missile defense dispute with their Russian counterparts.
10 disposed the extracted characteristics, and judged the technical state of engine using the method of fuzzing mathematics, via measuring the key characteristics parameters of engine.
11 The limitations are that you cannot change any of the previously mentioned state in such a call.
12 Jubilant Libyan rebels have moved from the west into the centre of the capital, Tripoli, as Muammar Gaddafi's sons and defenders lose their grip on the state.
13 Yet that is exactly what UMNO fears most after a run of embarrassing defeats in state and federal polls.
14 Under current law, the manager will only pay roughly 25% of that as taxes between federal, state, and local taxes.
15 Yet it is state politicians, not federal biologists, who now control the fate of wolves.
16 They would sign a promise not to fight again and to obey state and federal laws.
17 The government can't bail out every unprofitable state enterprise.
18 Just state your wish and resolve, even if you feel ambivalent about it.
19 Chigurh has achieved an evil state of grace that the ambivalent masses will never know.
20 Many of them, like Boston, do not have the authority to raise taxes and must rely on state funding.
21 Germany needs only one to manage cash and settlements for its savings Banks but the state premiers have resisted pressure for mergers.
22 regimes, the authors point out, can offer their supporters the patronage of the state.
23 During those years he spent long hours in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.
24 State boards of trustees approved risky investment menus for the '529' plans designed to help families save for their children's college costs.
25 Z: Well, the first bank that was partially owned and controlled by a state government was established in Venice in 1587.
26 But it faces a choice between a bigger state and more reliance on the market.
27 Focus and selection state are broadcast through a property.
28 Chuxiong news combined with Chuxiong state human resources and Social Security Bureau of Chuxiong urban and rural residents basic medical insurance Interim Measures authoritative interpretation.
29 analyzed the agro-machinery actuality in Honghe State, expatiated it's foreground, considered how to quicken it's development.
30 In Fanch 'eng I learned the truth of the old adage, "Poverty is a state of mind." While visiting a commune, we were taken to see the peasants' houses.