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No. sentence
1 Feasibility of synergistic treatment of iron sulfide laden and stabilized slops simultaneously by use of surfactant and sulfide scavenger was studied.
2 ScanEagles are equipped with specially stabilized electro-optical and infrared cameras that permit the operator to track both stationary and moving targets.
3 Financial markets have stabilized, stock markets have rebounded, and the economy is showing signs of recovery.
4 The results show that poplar APMP pulp treated by sodium borohydride could be brightened and stabilized significantly.
5 They use stainless steel frames that are sandwiched between stabilized leather scales that have been checkered to provide grip.
6 After the participants were stabilized, they were started or continued on quetiapine and other medications were weaned over an 8-week period.
7 Volatility helps QA managers understand if a release is stabilized to the point where it can reasonably be subjected to test.
8 All the evidence suggests that this state of things is the intrinsic expression of an advanced and stabilized totalitarian system, growing directly out of its essence.
9 the mirror the lizard stabilized at one color of green — the green of young leaves on trees in the spring — and returned to that one color each time I tried the experiment.
10 At the moment Sony, Pentax and Olympus offer in-body sensor stabilization, whereas Canon, Panasonic and Nikon offer stabilized lenses (including standard 'kit' lenses).
11 highly stabilized laser produces very fine teeth, enabling highly precise measurements of specific frequencies or changes in frequency.
12 Once the luxury market stabilized, confidence seems to have spread, “in the media, at work, with your friends,” he said.
13 again, things that are used by all services and applications, so they are isolated from the services and applications and are stabilized early in projects.
14 go a long way to transitioning the language into a stabilized, productization mode.
15 sidibe said, there are 56 countries - 36 of which are in Africa - that have stabilized the epidemic and reduced the number of new infections significantly.
16 after more than a decade of steady increase, the disease appears to have stabilized in some parts of the world and may now be declining.
17 They may need a place to be stabilized, be safe, and then return to their treater.
18 US dollar stabilized around 79 yen.
19 Vietnam's economy has stabilized since then, but many of the underlying problems remain.
20 Because the reactor had been shut down a long time ago, the decay heat had decreased to a significantly lower level, so the pressure in the plant stabilized, and venting was no longer required.
21 Andrew Kohut says, if Iraq is stabilized, lasting democracy takes root, and most U.S. combat forces withdraw, he expects global anger over the U.S. involvement in Iraq to subside.
22 Interbank lending rates have come down and stabilized, but Banks are not yet lending.
23 There is often a strong desire to remove the architect from a project once the architecture has stabilized in order to use this precious resource on other projects.
24 Business credit has stabilized and evidence of more willingness to lend is slowly emerging, the bank said.
25 The population never stabilized towards high fitness.
26 goal is to keep the reactors stabilized long enough that the shutdown can completely shut down.
27 My weight has stabilized, and — perhaps more important — I'm at home with this way of eating.
28 Last year, the housing market showed signs of improving as price depreciation slowed in some markets and stabilized in others.
29 Currencies were readily interchangeable, gold anchored exchange rates and the physical supply of gold stabilized the money supply over the long term.
30 thermal imager, daylight camera, and lasers are in a 4-axis gimbal stabilized pod that provides 360-degree coverage.