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No. sentence
1 She spread a sheet on the sofa for me.
2 She holds a large integrated complex spread everywhere in the world.
3 He spread out his arms and shrugged his shoulders.
4 Who are the tastemakers and how do these ideas spread?
5 Another, more surprising, is the spread of liberal economic views in a society hitherto used to doing business through cartels and political patronage.
6 We hope this will spread to North Vietnam and central Vietnam as well.
7 Yet, the moment after, if the door was opened, spread about the floor, hung upon the walls, pendant from the ceiling what?
8 She spread our lunch on the grass.
9 We also celebrate the growing spread of technology in the country, and the slow but steady spread of education and health.
10 In 1348 the plague or "the Black Death" arrived in Europe from traders coming from Asia and was spread by rats that arrived on trader's ships.
11 disease is spread by rats and transmitted to people by fleas or, in some cases, directly by breathing.
12 Remove the bowl from the mixer and fold in the chocolate chips or nuts or both. Pour the filling over the cooled crust and spread until smooth.
13 He spread out the newspaper on the table.
14 We can use this special oil to reduce the thick paint to a liquid thin enough to spread easily .
15 Cookies are spread with white sugar pebbling the surface.
16 REITS have existed in America for decades but in recent years they have spread into new markets, such as Japan and Hong Kong.
17 The disease was spread in the small town.
18 More greenery in a city, spread through streets and over roofs, means more cooling as water evaporates from leaves; the bits which are not green can be painted white, to reflect sunlight.
19 Shortly after the news of her death spread, celebrities, music critics and enthusiasts expressed dismay on social media sites.
20 Originally it may have been part of an orchard but as the city spread north it became part of a large London garden, the one behind Mr Kossoff’s house, and he can see the tree from his studio window.
21 I don't know where the sand storm came from. It spread over everything, disguising my friends, family and even myself.
22 Just west of Woodward and about two miles farther north is the Boston-Edison district, with some 900 homes spread across 36 blocks.
23 It was the largest room in the apartment, and contained a stove and sink, a tub and a boiler, a table, two chairs, a kitchen cabinet, a wardrobe, and a couch with a red velvet spread thrown over it.
24 mix a ripe, peeled avocado with a teaspoon of wheat-germ oil and a teaspoon of jojoba oil. Apply it to freshly washed hair, and spread it all the way to the ends.
25 morning, I toast two pieces of Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread and spread it with just a bit of homemade butter.
26 But in the stratosphere they can stay aloft for years, spread by fast winds known as jets, meaning the threat is global.
27 He spread some butter on his bread.
28 He spread butter on his bread.
29 workload can then be spread across multiple partitions for large tables, while allowing smaller tables to be stored on one or more database partitions.
30 city is as large as New York, spread out in a seemingly haphazard fashion in every direction, crisscrossed by wide boulevards and the elevated rail lines of its superb transportation system.