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spilling in a sentence

1. A kind of cutting and spilling.

2. Greek lamps are more closed to avoid spilling.

3. spilling of the incense or meal on the jar.

4. This process is called "spilling" the registers.

5. in particular the spilling of blood was prohibited.

6. [laughs] I was just spilling.

7. Just spilling shit.

8. This helps to avoid spilling any liquids.

9. spilling of concrete at transverse joints;

10. It is also commonly seen after spilling red wine.

11. The man fell down spilling all the milk on the root.

12. They are spilling, plunging, collapsing, and surging.

13. Water is spilling over the dam's crest.

14. the glass is then to be emptied without spilling.

15. First spilling.

16. Not spilling the milk, however, is considered true.

17. spilling every conceivable liquid.

18. It resulted in the spilling of poison in Amruta.

19. The walking brooms come in, spilling water on Donald.

20. Euphonism Spilling Ink Project &

21. People's organs were spilling out everywhere.

22. It resulted in the spilling of poison in Amruta.

23. Most years spilling occurs, and is considered normal.

24. (Unless he's spilling powdered donuts on the dash)."

25. champagne is spilling out of the bottle.

26. come off the bottle, and the wine is spilling out!

27. He butchered the painting by spilling coffee over it.

28. You are spilling coffee!

29. You believe that spilling beer is alcohol abuse.

30. You're spilling her all over!