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spermatophore in a sentence

1. Other zoologists thought it a spermatophore;

2. Spermatophore storage results in sperm competition;

3. The male passes a spermatophore to the female;

4. During copulation, a male transfers his spermatophore to a female.

5. There also was no difference in mass of the spermatophore.

6. The female uses the nutrients in the spermatophore in egg production.

7. The male attaches the spermatophore externally to the female's gonopore.

8. Males transfer a protein-rich spermatophore to females upon mating.

9. Several rounds of spermatophore deposition may follow.

10. Sperm is transferred to the female in a spermatophore.

11. The pedipalp on males is oval and bag-like with a thin spermatophore.

12. here spermatophore length), respectively.

13. The purpose of the gonopodium is to deliver the spermatophore.

14. The sharp end of the spermatophore stabs the female's skin.

15. With each successive mating, the volume of the spermatophore decreases.

16. During mating, the male passes nutrients in a spermatophore;

17. The structure is involved in receiving the partner's spermatophore.

18. As in Arion, sperm is transferred in a spermatophore.

19. Accessory glands secrete fluids that comprise the spermatophore.

20. There is a "spermatophore packaging organ" next to the testis.

21. On average, the spermatophore represents 7% of the male’s body weight.

22. After copulation, the female may remove or eat the spermatophore;

23. The penis is intromitted to transfer the spermatophore.

24. The package is an edible spermatophore.

25. Females use the nutrients from the spermatophore to produce more eggs.

26. The female now had to fetch the spermatophore from the male venter.

27. The female then shifts the spermatophore into the reproductive tract.

28. The cement body helps the spermatophore adhere to the female.

29. and then released from the tail of the spermatophore.

30. A female will always choose a male with a larger spermatophore.