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sperm storage in a sentence

1. The sperm travel in the female's blood (haemolymph) to sperm storage structures (seminal conceptacles);

2. Many horseshoe bat species have the adaptation of delayed fertilization through female sperm storage.

3. In hibernating species, the sperm storage timing coincides with hibernation.

4. The female's sperm storage glands in the oviduct help select spermatozoa during the race to the egg cell.

5. Females have long-term sperm storage, and there is little to no parental investment after she lays eggs.

6. A procedure developed in 2017 and using trehalose allows sperm storage at room temperatures.

7. Multiple paternity is possible due to sperm storage.

8. Females have atrophied spermathecae (sperm-storage organs).

9. The sperm storage organ removes sperm from males who mate later, which reflects cryptic female choice.

10. Mature males are easily recognizable by highly sclerotized sperm storage pouches called palpal bulbs.

11. Licensing rules for egg and sperm storage were also clarified.

12. Females are capable of long-term sperm storage and may not lay eggs for months after mating.

13. Accordingly, it has higher sperm storage and makes more mating overtures towards females.

14. Females are hypothesized to exhibit sperm storage or embryonic diapause.

15. Although copulation occurs in the fall, fertilization does not occur until the spring due to sperm storage.

16. Fertilization bias depends on the control of sperm transport to the sperm storage organs.

17. Female sperm storage is an integral stage in the reproductive process for many animals with internal fertilization.

18. It causes changes in uterine shape allowing spermatozoa access to the sperm storage organs.

19. The female insect nervous system affects many of the processes involved in sperm storage.

20. Both forms play an essential role in sperm storage and fertilization.

21. SPFs are capable of influencing processes such as oogenesis, sperm storage, and the onset of ovulation.

22. Sperm storage is also reported among this species, meaning it can lay eggs with only one mating.

23. Sperm storage is a method by which females can control the sperm that fertilizes their eggs.

24. Sperm storage has evolved independently to control reproduction in response to the environment.

25. The female has two sperm-storage sites in its body.

26. When the rooster mates with the hen, sperm enter the hen's oviduct and are stored within sperm storage glands.

27. Also, all species in Bursovaginoidea have a sperm-storage organ called a bursa.

28. additionally they can affect processes such as sperm storage, metabolism, and activity levels.

29. Greater sperm storage capacity in the epididymis has been associated with enhanced fertility.

30. The epididymis is the primary sperm storage organ in male reptiles.