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specially in a sentence

1. specially trained Civil Servants.

2. Specially to Catholicism.

3. mainly in a specially built village.

4. Moas are made specially during winter.

5. specially in Amazon Rainforest.

6. a role created specially for him.

7. Orgagna was specially comic;

8. The coracoid is not specially enlarged.

9. Yadav specially is outstanding.

10. The Park is specially designed &

11. He was a specially gifted portraitist.

12. Each manuscript was specially examined.

13. They are not specially dressed.

14. specially on the leeward side.

15. It's specially used in space research.

16. Specially in cardiac cell.

17. Drivers must be specially trained.

18. Specially heat, gravity, and energy.

19. It was specially constructed.

20. 41a-108); ל (specially paged, 1-26);

21. Co, to have a new box specially made.

22. One was a specially made convertible.

23. Specially in Natural wine stores &

24. The 1970s was specially prolific;

25. that of 1734 is specially mentioned.

26. their names are specially marked.

27. cooked specially for them.

28. Anjali is a specially challenged kid.

29. They were all specially ordered.

30. We baked a quiche specially