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specialised mouthparts in a sentence

1. Others have specialised mouthparts consisting of a horny beak edged by several rows of labial teeth.

2. Sea urchins are herbivores and use their specialised mouthparts to graze, tear and chew algae and sometimes other animal or vegetable material.

3. Many sea urchins feed on algae, often scraping off the thin layer of algae covering the surfaces of rocks with their specialised mouthparts known as Aristotle's lantern.

4. The larvae have specialised mouthparts to scrape off the microflora that get trapped in the net as water flows through.

5. The first to fifth-instar larvae are flattened and possess specialised mouthparts adapted for feeding on sap.

6. During this time, they mate and reproduce, and feed exclusively on sap of living trees, sucking it out through specialised mouthparts.

7. Members of the suborder are characterised by their specialised mouthparts which include a mandible with a tooth-like process which is adapted for cutting or slicing.

8. Whereas Encheliophis homei emerges at night from its host to forage, Encheliophis boraborensis, with its small eyes and specialised mouthparts, may at least in part feed on its host's tissues.

9. Much of its time is spent scraping this deposit off the net with specialised mouthparts.