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specialised areas in a sentence

1. These larvae do not have gills but instead have specialised areas of skin through which respiration takes place.

2. Although attempts at a general introduction were made, the unit was only adopted in some countries, and for specialised areas such as surveying, mining and geology.

3. Examples of orthopedic sub-specialty training in the United States are: These specialised areas of medicine are not exclusive to orthopedic surgery.

4. Specialised areas of practice expertise for which accreditation is available include: A list of Past Presidents is set out below.

5. It is used both as a live metaphor, and as a generally accepted technical term in some specialised areas.

6. New specialised areas are being introduced, including a rain forest section, as well as craft resources, with an Indigenous section due shortly.

7. Ten permanent commissions advise the Executive Committee in their specialised areas and so to simplify its duties.

8. Specialised areas include repairs to motorcycles, trucks and even aircraft.

9. Specialised areas of education include sports, teachers' training, agricultural training and a school for the arts.

10. Educationally, the college boasts state of the art lecture facilities and specialised areas such as IT suites, a chemistry laboratory and hydraulics laboratory.

11. Typically, these specialised areas include mental health, alcohol/drug misuse and children.

12. Parts of this grid are blocked by components, specialised areas, or already present wiring.

13. Doneau also made major contributions to various specialised areas of law such as the doctrine of possession and acquisition of ownership.

14. IMRB International's specialised areas are consumer markets, industrial marketing, business-to-business marketing, social marketing and rural marketing.

15. KANTAR IMRB's specialised areas are consumer markets, industrial marketing, business to business marketing, social marketing, and rural marketing.

16. He inherited substantial property interests in South Kensington and wrote several books on specialised areas of 19th-century social and literary history.

17. instead there are specialised areas of skin that take care of respiration.

18. It provides them a source of information on the current and topical issues in their specialised areas.

19. Its goals are: The organs of the EFC comprise: The COMEX elects the members of nine commissions that deal with specialised areas:

20. The Ombudsman may be assisted by other Commissioners appointed for specialised areas in accordance to the law.

21. As of November 2018, it offers graduate programs in 10 different specialised areas under its five faculties.

22. He continued with further studies in those two specialised areas of agriculture by obtaining the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree from the same university.

23. In South Africa the doctorate in law is offered as a research doctorate of at least two years duration, in various specialised areas of law.

24. Various centres for specialised areas is established by the university aiming multi-disciplinary interaction.

25. Like other sea lilies, gametes are produced in specialised areas of the pinnules and liberated into the sea.

26. Like other sea lilies, it produces gametes in specialised areas of the pinnules and releases them into the sea.

27. Pupils aged 14 to 16 study for a diploma in one of the specialised areas – either engineering and manufacturing, or creative and digital media.

28. From 1989 onwards, she worked in the education system and later on, among others, as translator and interpreter in specialised areas - economics, medicine and tourism.

29. which published award-winning "books about specialised areas of the arts".

30. Dr Evelyne Mercure, of University College London, said: "it is a rare demonstration that specialised areas exist in the brain very early in development."