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special problems in a sentence

1. The short fifth string presents special problems for a capo.

2. The very large number of beetle species poses special problems for classification.

3. Chamber music playing presents special problems of intonation.

4. This was later published as a monograph entitled Special Problems in the Study of Sufi Ideas.

5. His work uses unusual notation, which often creates special problems of interpretation.

6. The Rust Belt (presumably "Ameritech") faces its own special problems.

7. Very fine solids and solids with densities close to the density of water pose special problems.

8. Classified computer data presents special problems.

9. However, typified names present special problems for microorganisms.

10. Classified computer data presents special problems.

11. Some terms present special problems;

12. The need to defend airfields presented special problems.

13. He was vitally concerned with the special problems in the area of vocational education.

14. The short fifth string presents special problems for a capo.

15. Delayed action bombs caused special problems.

16. Besides, there are special problems in converting a base for missile use.

17. Employment of children may pose special problems.

18. Constructing the rail line brought its special problems.

19. it was directed by Special Problems.

20. There are two reasons why dismissal presents special problems.

21. She also mentions that he has a turtle with "special" problems.

22. Lectures. 3. Special problems of the beekeeper.

23. The music video for "Half Full Glass of Wine" was made by New Zealand studio Special Problems.

24. There were also some special problems affecting the Metropolitan Police Service;

25. He served as medical officer in charge of special problems.

26. Grain transport presented special problems.

27. With key partners the foundation is able to place particular emphasis to special problems.

28. Every year a national plan Outlines and assigns special problems for research.

29. Diagnosis of IBD in this region poses special problems.

30. In an application that USES MBCS, string handling poses special problems.