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No. sentence
1 Conversation with friends soon passes an evening away.
2 However, it soon grew clear that the hour of emancipation for that little prisoner of the flesh was to arrive earlier than her worst misgivings had conjectured.
3 The boy rushed off as soon as his father gave him permission.
4 The wounded child soon quieted down and fell asleep.
5 There was now employment for the whole party; for though they could not all talk, they could all eat; and the beautiful pyramids of grapes, nectarines, and peaches soon collected them round the table.
6 colour will bear out soon.
7 He soon found a huge bear, shot at it but only wounded it.
8 She and Gilbert had come up for the funeral of his father and Anne had stayed for a week. Marilla and Mrs. Lynde could not bear to have her go away too soon.
9 We hope to break through soon in the fight against AIDS.
10 passions of these people can soon be worked up.
11 She fainted as soon as she heard the news.
12 He soon turned his attention to the difficult problem.
13 We're liaisoning with the department concerned so as to solve the problem as soon as possible.
14 Soon the whole crowd joined in to sing the song.
15 She soon learned to punt.
16 The stock market will soon rally.
17 They had soon formed a firm friendship.
18 Soon they assigned him to a new post.
19 The speaker began moralizing on the right way for people to behave, and his listeners soon lost interest.
20 The two teachers composed their disagreement and were soon the best of friends again.
21 For example, I have to rinse my son's plastic yogurt containers first before tossing it in the recycle bin or else my garage will soon smell like an old cheese factory.
22 But they may soon need yet another bin: for electronic labels, also known as radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags.
23 But soon his search becomes more haphazard as he despairs at the magnitude of the task.
24 I would have soon found the one I wanted if the books had kept in order.
25 As soon as she mentions the word "overqualified," politely ask for more details.
26 She glanced, sideways, at the old couple. Perhaps they would go soon.
27 Sales have now peaked, and we expect them to decrease soon.
28 An influx of tourists may also soon lead to increased attention from authorities and real-estate developers, disturbing Dali's mellow aura.
29 You'll soon get acclimatized to the climate of the country.
30 The supermarket near our school will be reopened soon.