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some years in a sentence

1. some years he produces none.

2. (Bryan lived on for some years;

3. It was closed some years later.

4. Pollifax jailed some years ago.

5. His parents died some years ago.

6. She lived there for some years.

7. He then retired for some years.

8. After some years, reforms began.

9. Some years later, Rev.

10. They split up some years later.

11. followed some years later.

12. Some years may see no flowering.

13. After some years, Mrs.

14. For some years Mrs.

15. Some years later.

16. Some take days, some years".

17. some years later after came Rev.

18. some years it is totally absent.

19. Co. for some years.

20. Co. for some years.

21. Some years pass.

22. Some years passed.

23. Menace lasted for some years.

24. In some years no award is made.

25. The line took some years to die.

26. The line took some years to die.

27. There was a break of some years.

28. Parking was free for some years.

29. Some years were missed.

30. for some years.