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some typical characteristics in a sentence

1. The integumentary structure contains some typical characteristics common to terrestrial vertebrates, such as the presence of highly cornified outer layers, renewed periodically through a moulting process controlled by the pituitary and thyroid glands.

2. Many supervillains share some typical characteristics of real world dictators, gangsters, mad scientists, trophy hunters, corrupt businesspeople, serial killers, and terrorists, with aspirations of world domination or universal leadership.

3. Here are some typical characteristics of the new generation: first, it is "the world's first generation to grow up thinking of itself as global.

4. roll". According to The Line of Best Fit, some typical characteristics include "steady 4/4 beats, hypnotic, droning rhythms, and shimmering keyboards".

5. Aristotle lists some typical characteristics of great souled people: Book IV, Chapter 4. In parallel with the distinction of scale already made between normal generosity and magnificence, Aristotle proposes that there are two types of virtue associated with honors, one concerned with great honors, Magnanimity or "greatness of soul" and one with more normal honors.

6. As elucidated by Dietrich Dörner, and later expanded upon by Joachim Funke, complex problems have some typical characteristics as follows: Problem solving is applied on many different levels − from the individual to the civilizational.

7. Popularized by the recent upsurgence of local prayer houses, it has developed to incorporate some typical characteristics such as spontaneous singing, free praise, and instrumental sections.

8. Many supervillains share some typical characteristics of real-world dictators, mobsters, and terrorists and often have aspirations of world domination or universal leadership.

9. The region around the Baltic Sea, including Northern Germany, has some typical characteristics, but there are also regional and social differences, such as between the churches of medieval big cities and those of the neighbouring villages.

10. Some typical characteristics of Qinshan II 650MW nuclear steam turbine during installation were presented and special measures and major problems as well as their management results were introduced.