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some sailors in a sentence

1. Arion was a poet who was kidnapped by some sailors for the rich prizes he possessed.

2. Tiger sharks may also have killed some sailors.

3. Some sailors inside escaped when rescuers drilled holes and opened hatches to rescue them.

4. Some sailors volunteered for antibody testing.

5. Some sailors joined the Free French while others were repatriated to France;

6. Some sailors were threatening to damage machinery and leave ships without permission.

7. Some sailors from HMS Raleigh landed on the island on 27 May 1880.

8. The name frightened some sailors.

9. Some sailors died in Gibraltar of wounds received at Trafalgar;

10. Surville, along with some sailors and soldiers, went ashore the next day.

11. It was intended as a replacement for methanol which had caused blindness in some sailors.

12. Some sailors take pity on him and ship him back home, possibly hoping for reward.

13. Juan, his entourage, and some sailors escape in a long boat.

14. It is nightfall, and some 'sailors' go up the gangplank to board the ship.

15. Some sailors were viciously attacked by hornets while preparing to leave a remote beach camp.

16. Some sailors came from Montevideo and others were recruited around.

17. The French captured Infernal, and took out Captain Henry Darby and some sailors and soldiers.

18. Some sailors thought they bring good luck at sea.

19. That resulted in some sailors deserting the king and becoming pirates instead.

20. Some sailors have used a sprit boom on the standing lug sail.

21. The film takes place in a port in Alexandria and focuses on the lives of some sailors.

22. Some sailors were, nevertheless, "on watch" to work (sail) the ship.

23. In the 1861 census, it was recorded that some sailors from Rosehearty were camping there.

24. Some sailors armed themselves while the majority milled in shocked confusion.

25. While Ravenna was an imperial capital some sailors and their families lived there.

26. Twenty-five years after Crusoe’s shipwreck, some sailors land on the island;

27. and some sailors or other must go with him, I suppose;

28. It took on board some sailors of the Djambi and continued to Amsterdam on 23 November.

29. Some sailors volunteered for antibody testing.

30. Its garrison consisted of men from Chioggia and some sailors.