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some remote areas in a sentence

1. Small towns and villages are scattered across the forest, and because its vegetation is so dense, some remote areas are still unexplored.

2. For people in some remote areas, cash out may be the only way they can withdraw cash from their personal accounts.

3. Nova was first to offer 4G. Mobile coverage extends to nearly all inhabited areas in Greenland, but there are some remote areas that do not have mobile coverage.

4. In some remote areas, they may even form the primary ambulance service.

5. Nevertheless, some remote areas are drug plantations for narcotics, and delinquency has spread to areas once considered safe havens.

6. District #93 covers minimal parts of eastern Idaho Falls, and the remainder of Bonneville County with the exception of some remote areas that have independent elementary districts.

7. Despite this history, in some remote areas, the use of teonanácatl has persisted.

8. Bridges that the Inca people built, and even continue to use and maintain today in some remote areas, are straw-rope bridges so narrow (about 2–3 feet wide) that no wheeled vehicle can fit.

9. Poverty, limited literacy in some remote areas, etc.

10. Some remote areas of the territory at the time, such as Yuen Long, Fanling and Stanley were also served.

11. Thus, IMTS and MTS systems still exist in some remote areas, as it may be the only feasible way to cover a large sparsely-populated area.

12. There are wild boars in some remote areas, occasionally causing damage to crops.

13. In some remote areas the lands are still covered by bamboo trees that naturally thrive and multiplies.

14. Some remote areas can also be accessed by horseback.

15. It is still used today in some remote areas of Australia.. Like spears and boomerangs, woomeras were traditionally used only by men.

16. However the scarcity of trained individuals has narrowed down the number of volunteers, especially in some remote areas, where now one or two volunteers service an entire barangay.

17. In some remote areas of WA, the use of fossil fuels is expensive thus making renewable energy supplies commercially competitive.

18. In some remote areas, agricultural terms used by the rural workers may have been derived from Norman French.

19. Some remote areas in northern Mendocino County are also served by this post office and thus have Whitethorn addresses.

20. The MCP continued to have a stronger presence in some remote areas than did the government right through the post-war years and into the Emergency.

21. Yet he managed to survey a good part of the wilderness, too, even if he had to rely on the accounts of the local population in some remote areas.

22. In some remote areas of Austria, people voted to preserve the independence of Austria on 13 March (in Schuschnigg's planned but cancelled plebiscite) despite the Wehrmacht's presence.

23. Chiefdoms in Lower Gwelo include Sogwala, Sikombingo, Mdubiwa and Bunina.The settlement type is mostly linear along roads, although it is dispersed in some remote areas.

24. In some remote areas, air medical services deliver non-emergency healthcare such as general practitioner appointments.

25. In some remote areas, tribal animism still survives.

26. These type of activities are not mainstream narco-behaviors, but do occur in some remote areas.

27. In some remote areas, tourist spots, and in situations where a product is difficult to obtain, consumers are often charged illegally over the MRP.

28. The terrain of the North Highland Way varies hugely, crossing beaches, forests, road and rough paths as well as some remote areas.

29. Some remote areas have nearly preserved their primeval condition. There are lots of natural monuments in Altai. Various medicinal herbs grow here.

30. In some remote areas, animism is still practiced.