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some move in a sentence

1. When this is exhausted some move on to feed on bacteria, algal crusts, detritus and raspings from submerged plants.

2. While some move to the village, others register shell corporations and residences there to avoid paying California taxes.

3. This species is sedentary, making short post-breeding movements in most of its range, but in northern Europe some move southward in winter.

4. Some move their wings and open and close their beaks while leaning forwards, whereas others have only the bird's body leaning forward.

5. During irruptive years, more travel to southern boreal forests and some move further south.

6. Some are locally systemic, and some move upwardly.

7. As Bragg marched his army into Kentucky, Bragg urged Price to make some move to assist him.

8. some fall under the player's weight, some move of their own accord, and some can be pushed by enemies or Sabreman.

9. The Akechi stories are based mainly in the detective's home city of Tokyo, though some move the action to the Japanese countryside.

10. Some move-recording notations are designed mainly for use by human players;

11. In addition to animal locomotion, most animals are motile (some move by passive locomotion).

12. Also, 3...Nf6 4.Nc3 (same as 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e3 below) may give Black some move-order issues for those wanting to play the "Pure" Slav and not the Semi-Slav or ...a6 Slav.

13. During the summer and autumn, the ribbon seal lives in open water, though some move north as the ice recedes with warmer temperatures.

14. We are a family for the most part some move on while others keep it real like before the band began.

15. Walls took the view that it was already too late, and while the others wished for some move, they were forced to concede to this view.

16. Young birds often remain in the family group as helpers for a year or more before moving to another group, though some move on and breed in the first year.

17. In 74 BC Rome mobilized its armies in Asia Minor, probably provoked by some move made by Mithridates, but our sources are not clear on this.

18. Some move south in the Southern Hemisphere spring and summer, and northwards again in autumn and winter.

19. Their first jobs tend to be directly with the cows and buffalos, as many come from farming families, but some move on to become cheesemakers, which is better paying.

20. When members reach their twenties they usually grow out of gang membership, but some move on to more serious criminal activity.

21. The Persians, however, did not pursue them, but remained there, fearing, I suppose, some move to surround them on the part of the enemy.

22. Other versions refer to Marjorie King, an actress, and some move the location from Ensenada to Tijuana.

23. some move randomly while others pursue the player.

24. some move around on the surface like urchins or gastropods;

25. Some move on to contribute to faculty positions at other institutions around the world.

26. Some threads travel diagonally, and some move to left, then back to right, from stitch to stitch.

27. Although winemakers Muslims and punish sticks for the production of the drink, but Muslims are not subject to exorbitant taxes, which stimulated some move to another faith.

28. Shortly after the garrison sent another message saipying they would have to surrender in 5 days, Witigis again replied that he would some move to their aid.

29. Their first jobs tend to be directly with the cows and buffalos, as many come from farming families, but some move on to become cheesemakers, which is better paying.

30. vortices, some of them flow downstreamly as a free air bubbles, and some move to the shear layer flow region entrained by cavitating vortices.