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No. sentence
1 The history of anarchism goes back to prehistory, when some humans lived in anarchistic societies long before the establishment of formal states, realms or empires.
2 Some humans also hunt aardvarks for meat.
3 Sleeping sickness, or African trypanosomiasis, is a disease that usually affects animals, but has been known to be fatal to some humans as well.
4 Some humans have reported that heavy water produces a "burning sensation or sweet flavor".
5 It is also possible that some humans believe that, they themselves being vertebrates, the group deserves more attention than invertebrates.
6 This resulted in the creation of two hidden races, the godlike Eternals and the genetically unstable Deviants, in addition to giving some humans an "x-factor" in their genes, which sometimes activates naturally, resulting in sometimes superpowered, sometimes disfigured individuals called mutants.
7 According to Origen, the superficial unfairness of a person's condition at birth—with some humans being poor, others rich, some being sick, and others healthy—is actually a by-product of what the person's soul had done in the pre-existent state.
8 In a 2001 interview with Freeman Dyson, J. Richard Gott and Sid Goldstein, they were asked for reasons why some humans should live in space.
9 Some humans have very low levels of catalase (acatalasia), yet show few ill effects.
10 Infected armadillos make up a large reservoir of M. leprae and may be a source of infection for some humans in the United States or other locations in the armadillos' home range.
11 Some humans have very little or no melanin synthesis in their bodies, a condition known as albinism.
12 Some humans are given an implant similar to a CVI, while others, including his sister, are used for some unknown breeding experiment.
13 Referred to as "elfs" by some humans, they refer to themselves as "human."
14 At least several thousand years ago, some humans developed a mutation in the MCM6 gene that keeps the LCT gene turned on even after breast feeding is stopped.
15 Some humans are suspicious of the Overlords' benign intent, as they never visibly appear.
16 Miyazaki has stated: Chihiro’s parents turning into pigs symbolizes how some humans become greedy.
17 He first came to Earth as an advance agent for the invasion of Earth by the Arcane (also known as the Quists), and succeeded in placing some humans under hypnotic control, allowing him to take control of a small area.
18 According to the tradition, some humans were not satisfied with these gifts and anxious to see what heaven looked like.
19 it can also unlock prescience in some humans, depending upon the dosage and the consumer's physiology.
20 Melange is a drug able to prolong life, bestow heightened vitality and awareness, and unlock prescience in some humans.
21 According to The City of Gold and Lead, Masters begin to believe that humans should be capped at an earlier age "because some humans, in the year or two before they are Capped, become rebellious and act against the masters", but this cannot be done, because Capping must wait until the braincase has stopped growing.
22 At the same time, some humans suspect that a very advanced spacefaring race called Wanderers exists and is "progressing" humanity itself.
23 Lactose tolerance is an example of how some humans have adapted to the introduction of dairy into their diet.
24 Moreover, this muscle can be absent in some humans, however, that does not affect the action of pronation very notably, as the pronator teres does the major role in that action.
25 Apart from the Linnaean taxonomy, some humans give individual non-human animals and plants names, usually of endearment.
26 Some humans are making a conscious effort to preserve the remaining species of reptiles, however.
27 Indeed, some humans even still develop vestigial vibrissal muscles in the upper lip, consistent with the hypothesis that previous members of the human lineage had mystacial vibrissae.
28 In many areas, some humans may carelessly shoot at any crow-like nest in order to destroy the contents, out of resentment for the crow's perception as a pest.
29 On Earth, some humans resent the influence of aliens, and seek to eliminate them from Earth-owned property, including Babylon 5. Minbari Ambassador Delenn is revealed to belong to the Grey Council, the Minbari ruling body.
30 They would keep some humans alive in giant blood bags to harvest them.