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some animals in a sentence

1. some animals; and ancestral spirits.

2. In some animals, it is lined with mesothelium.

3. some animals have also found refuge there.

4. Some animals use both of the above strategies.

5. They are also found in some animals.

6. The plant is toxic to some animals.

7. He can also communicate with some animals.

8. Also includes some animals.

9. There are also some animals in the area.

10. Plastic wheels are fine for some animals.

11. Some animals may never be able to walk.

12. Some animals use it to mark their territories.

13. Some animals are on view to the public;

14. Some animals are slaughtered for meat.

15. Some animals are plain silvery-grey;

16. Some animals that can be found in the park:

17. With some animals, you can bottle feed them.

18. Some animals are housed in the center.

19. PKD occurs in some animals as well as humans.

20. Some animals use external ones.

21. Some animals have yellow spots.

22. some animals have a white tail tip.

23. Some animals join a race.

24. But some animals are more extreme than others.

25. Gut flora of some animals contain EPSPS.

26. Some animals will benefit from the fire.

27. Some animals don't have a cingulid.

28. Some animals will get a home in other zoos.

29. It repels moths as well as some animals.

30. some animals were also hit.