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some anarchists in a sentence

1. Additionally, some anarchists use libertarian socialist to avoid anarchism's negative connotations and emphasise its connections with socialism.

2. Illegalism was another strategy which some anarchists adopted during this period.

3. However, some anarchists struggled with the jealousy that arose from free love.

4. Some anarchists don't believe in property at all.

5. In this climate, some anarchists began to advocate and practice terrorism or assassination, which they referred to as propaganda of the deed.

6. The Tolstoyan tradition of non-violent resistance is prevalent among some anarchists.

7. Some anarchists see violent revolution as necessary in the abolition of capitalist society, while others advocate non-violent methods.

8. Some anarchists attacked this approach be being too formal and bordering on Leninist in structure.

9. However, some anarchists at the time such as Peter Kropotkin preferred to continue using the red flag rather than adopt the black.

10. Some anarchists and socialists contend that a large part of the problem is the way the judicial system deals with prisoners, people, and capital.

11. Therefore, some anarchists consider pirate radio transmissions to be a challenge to that authority.

12. There were also falangists and left-wing militants (from UGT and Izquierda Republicana) and some anarchists.

13. Mutualists and some anarchists support markets and private property, but not in their present form.

14. Some anarchists tried to settle personal issues.

15. Some anarchists may see such categorisations in these terms.

16. Some anarchists have opposed coercion while others have supported it, particularly in the form of violent revolution on the path to anarchy.

17. Some anarchists share Leo Tolstoy's Christian anarchist belief in nonviolence.

18. In Germany and the United Kingdom, some anarchists worked within militant anti-fascist groups alongside members of the Marxist left.

19. Some anarchists outside of Spain viewed their concessions as necessary considering the possibility of the Nationalists winning the war.

20. The Centenary Celebrations were used by some anarchists to rebuff the negative connotations placed on the word "anarchy".

21. some anarchists raised the Black Flag.

22. Some anarchists, such as Ishikawa Sanshirō, fled the country to avoid persecution.

23. Some anarchists were once again driven to terrorism when frustrated by government suppression.

24. Some anarchists have objected to Freeman's analysis because it also has been applied to some anarchist organizing.

25. Some anarchists believe in stopping welfare programs only if it means abolishing both government and capitalism.

26. Some anarchists used the slogan "Third Revolution".

27. In addition, to the new party came unaffiliated, some anarchists and some former members and SDPU and OSDPU.

28. Some anarchists tried to influence the BWC from within, among them Líber Forti.

29. The Kishinev pogrom turned some anarchists towards Zionism.

30. Taoism, which developed in ancient China, has been embraced by some anarchists as a source of anarchistic attitudes.