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No. sentence
1 He can outthink me only in the field of the society.
2 What society do we live in?
3 industrial revolution modified the whole structure of English society.
4 There is a risk. If we select out all the embryos that have these mutations then we might be selecting out some of the best people in society.
5 The event has astonished London society.
6 A: No. Traditionally, Maasai society has developed creative solutions to infertility.
7 But are these the summit of our values, of our aspirations of society?
8 But he added: "the revival is happening at different levels of society, with some [Confucian theorists] having a much more critical way of thinking."
9 Another, more surprising, is the spread of liberal economic views in a society hitherto used to doing business through cartels and political patronage.
10 So they will accept his main premise: "The greatest single scientific question —and for our society, a question of life or death —is how far and how fast the seas will rise ...
11 In a nutshell, this theory associated higher incomes with higher productivity and a greater contribution to society.
12 Both men say Japanese society too often turns a cold shoulder to the unemployed and bankrupt, and breeds a culture where suicide is still seen as an honorable option.
13 Only a society close to our level of development would be able to pick up an intentional broadcast while failing to notice TV and radar.
14 After all, the country and society serve the majority.
15 protect Fuxianhe lake becomes the key issue to remain sustainable development of society and economy of Yuxi.
16 To build learn society is the objective requirement to quicken the development of Honghe social economy and the construction of whole well-off society.
17 As society broke down, the police became warlords.
18 of One remained a nurturing, matriarchal spiritual culture, while the Aryan grew into a powerful military corporate society, dominated by the upper class.
19 He urged all members of society to ensure the right to food, the non-fulfillment of which is a violation of human dignity.
20 we sat facing each other across the desk in his modest office, he told me that the money he had made was for society, not for himself.
21 The habit of giving priority to arms, military affairs, should be established more thoroughly in the whole of society.
22 This is not surprising. The law deals with the same sort of questions as politics: what makes a just society; the balance between liberty and security, and so on.
23 Men must pay in to the trade society to which they transfer their labour.
24 Philosophy is the scientific knowledge that summarizes the nature and society.
25 We also publish essays, interviews and other articles on the arts, culture and society.
26 It was a great invention because it enabled talents from across the society to join the ruling class regardless of their family backgrounds.
27 He suggests the elite members of society would have drunk the beverage to mark special occasions such as births and marriages.
28 The lure of materialism challenges society in our country and in many successful countries. Your ancient ethic of personal and family responsibility will serve you well.
29 For example, in recent months mainstream British Banks have been drawn, sometimes screaming, into doing more to assist the broader society.
30 They need proper protection to all the temptations and evils of society.