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1 Infertility is a public health problem that affects all societies, not least traditional ones such as the Maasai of east Africa.
2 Over half of all deaths from natural disasters worldwide are due to drought and famine, according to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
3 transition to open societies in states accustomed to decades of repression cannot be anything but chaotic.
4 Cultures select and shape technologies, not the other way around, and some societies have rejected or ignored even the gun or the wheel.
5 Since then people have ridiculed the prediction by pointing to current conflicts both within societies and between them.
6 Just as you cannot hide obesity, you cannot hide the huge costs of these diseases to economies and societies.
7 Unlike Americans of our day, however, few in the Roman Republic felt their system should be, or could be, embraced by others in the mysterious ancient societies of the East.
8 Individuals, families, and communities have strengths that, if harnessed and channelled, can transform societies.
9 world of the geisha, the "flower and willow" world, are very separate societies that are shrouded in mystery.
10 Eunuchs were once members of the elite in many societies.
11 We bump into societies that may be more or less just, or individuals who may be more or less just, but we never bump into justice itself.
12 societies, the ones in which young and enterprising people want to live, cannot be conjured up overnight by a single agent, least of all by government.
13 There are societies that regard worms as a delicacy because that’s how they’ve been raised.
14 So in one of the most faith-less societies in the West, what plays the role of shaping good citizens?
15 The first is that stable societies - that is, where cheats can be found and punished, if only by a refusal to do business with them in future - are a precondition for successful institutions.
16 Do they shape tastes, fashions, habits and preferences in the societies concerned?
17 this world, in part, that endowed both elephants and humans with exceptional intelligence, and a dependence on complex societies for their well-being.
18 This means that each age group is smaller than the one older than it - a trend that has proved hard to reverse in other societies.
19 Measuring the state of early child development with a comparable approach throughout the world will provide a way for societies to judge their success.
20 This might be true for certain societies where men rarely get a glimpse of women's faces or skin altogether, and any such sight might awaken their natural instincts.
21 However, in 2005, Wilson questioned his own theory, arguing that kinship was not the key to these societies.
22 We're programmed to believe that tradition is good," but that also means we're vulnerable to the sort of institutional inertia that undid great societies in the past.
23 To effectively deal with these issues, we must cultivate the spirit of critical thinking throughout human societies.
24 Foremost in this agenda is the need to build vibrant cities, cohesive societies and clean governments.
25 There is a most bizarre word the media and the psychologists have begun to use to describe loneliness in our societies: they say it has become an epidemic.
26 Gregory Clark, of the University of California, Davis, thinks the answers lie in the nature of European societies.
27 these apes live in female-led societies, the males also have a strict pecking order.
28 The most ancient of all societies, and the only one that is natural, is the family: and even so the children remain attached to the father only so long as they need him for their preservation.
29 Earthquakes can bring instant transparency to murky societies, exposing the greedy who put up shoddy buildings or the officials bribed to look the other way.
30 Today marks the first observance of World statistics day, proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly to recognize the importance of statistics in shaping our societies.