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socialists in a sentence

31. radical socialists in Finland;

32. they were organized by the Socialists.

33. Eco-socialists are anti-globalisation.

34. The Socialists had little funding.

35. We have had our Christian socialists.

36. The Belgian Socialists recovered well;

37. He strongly opposed Socialists.

38. They are in no sense Socialists.

39. The Socialists were forced out;

40. Independent Socialists may refer to:

41. Both her parents are socialists.

42. the Socialists the left-wing party;

43. His parents were lifelong socialists.

44. a pilgrimage for the Socialists.

45. Socialists were divided in the 1930s.

46. His parents were secular socialists.

47. On the left were the socialists;

48. Socialists of various kinds.

49. The SRs were agrarian socialists.

50. Socialists/Farmer-Labor 108,000;

51. The socialists contested 97 seats.

52. and Independent-Socialists 32,000.

53. He sat with the radical socialists.

54. The communists and socialists split.

55. He sat with the Radical Socialists.

56. 132. A Guide to Books for Socialists.

57. Both her parents were socialists.

58. And most of us are socialists."

59. Socialists continued to ignore women.

60. Many of the members were socialists.