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1 But the ruling Socialists were obliterated, losing a third of their seats in the worst result since the return of democracy following Francisco Franco's death in 1975.
2 By some other indicators, domestic as well as external, this ought to be just the right moment for the Socialists to win acceptance for tough measures to raise taxes and curb spending.
3 If, in a general election, the PP can repeat the 10% lead over the governing Socialists it won yesterday, Mr Rajoy should enjoy both an absolute parliamentary majority and a clear mandate for reform.
4 Instead, they gave socialists a way to think about the problem and figure out for themselves how the abolition of capitalism could help them find an answer.
5 In Europe this year, the left won the Danish election and the French Socialists are ahead of the incumbent President, but the Spanish right is ahead of the ruling Socialists.
6 Mr Mas-Colell disagrees, accusing the Socialists of leaving the dirty work to others and claiming that Madrid is refusing to hand over funds it owes Catalonia.
7 FRENCH Socialists are going on holiday in a state of disarray.
8 Socialists are promising to reverse it if they win the presidential election next year.
9 were, to be sure, plenty of former socialists who rationalised theirgloom by claiming that if the system could not be changed, neither did it needto be.
10 So the elections are often treated as a chance for a protest vote, as happened last time around, in 2004, during Jacques Chirac's presidency, when the Socialists swept up 20 regions.
11 All the same, leading Socialists expect Ms Royal to trip up. Their rancour is breathtaking. Many consider her a media creation just waiting to implode.
12 voters savaged the Socialists in municipal elections on May 22nd, giving the PP a record ten-point lead.
13 She appeals to Mr Papandreou’s idealistic side, and also goes down well with tax-and-spend socialists who recall Mr Papandreou’s father, Andreas, as prime minister in the 1980s.
14 Martine Aubry, the Socialist Party leader, instantly called the government's plan "irresponsible", and says that the Socialists will reverse it if they are elected to power in 2012.
15 of the votes of card-carrying Socialists, she topped the polls in 101 of the 104 party federations.
16 Socialists denounced the tax as unfair, but environmentalists said it did not go far enough.
17 This time, thanks to disillusionment with the Socialists, his party has a double-digit poll lead and looks set to win an absolute majority, a feat that eluded Mr Zapatero.
18 The Socialists may also find it difficult to unbundle themselves from their outgoing leader: at previous elections they have made great play of his "ZP" brand.
19 For the Socialists, who have failed to win the presidency since francois Mitterrand's re-election in 1988, he was the saviour who would return and lead them to victory.
20 Moreover, the world crisis may bolster old socialists in the CCM who want a return to ujamaa, a failed model of rural collectivisation propounded by Tanzania’s founding president, Julius Nyerere.
21 Socialists were aghast.
22 new prime minister might let the Socialists say they were forced into unpopular spending cuts, leaving a rejuvenated Mr Gyurcsany to pull the strings behind the scenes.
23 Now they say that against either Mr Hollande or Martine Aubry, the Socialists’ leader, he would fare little better.
24 Diamantopoulou, the education minister, accepted a tough brief: to modernise the system without challenging the state’s monopoly of higher education (a reform too far for the socialists).
25 All the problems that the socialists proposed to themselves, cosmogonic visions, revery and mysticism being cast aside, can be reduced to two principal problems.
26 Rama, leader of the opposition Socialists, has been mayor of Tirana since 2000.
27 When the Gaullist Mr Chirac was first elected in 1995, for instance, he dismissed the Paris public prosecutor appointed by the Socialists.
28 French-speakers in the south plumped for Socialists, who want to keep the country together.
29 The latest row concerns possible legal action against three former prime ministers from the opposition Socialists for mismanaging the public finances.
30 the forefront of politics came a group of tough Socialists led by Evangelos Venizelos, formerly the defence minister, who has now been appointed finance minister.